Upcoming Events

Upcoming SCDA Events

Long Format 501 – Sunday, September 9th – 11:45 am

CHECKIN HERE: https://checkin.dartconnect.com

$20 Entry Fee. All events are groups then Single Elimination Best of 7, Semi-Finals Best of 9, Finals Best of 11. Signups start 11:45 am / Cutoff 12:40 pm. Finals are Sunday December 2nd. Top 24 Players from tournaments 1 through 5 are invited to Finals. Finals prize pool $1,000 +

Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

New Player Tournament – Friday, August 17th – 7:30 pm

This is your chance to meet new players and join a team or draft players on to your existing team. All players welcome, new players only eligible for prizes.

Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

SCDA Mid-Season Awards Party and Parity Tournament

Monday, October 22nd

Details Coming Soon

Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

Ongoing SCDA Events

Tuesday Tournament – Every Tuesday – 8:00 pm

Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

Click here for the Tournament Leaderboard

Click here for the DartConnect tournament page

Mixed Doubles – Friday (NEXT DATE TBD)

Sign up by 7:00. Play with the partner you bring.

Free to enter qualifying stage, brewery prizes to top team that does not qualify.

$10 per player entry for 2nd stage, winner takes all.

Macleod Ale Brewing Co.