10 Commandments of Scorekeeping

  1. Thou shall always face forward, at an angle to best view the dartboard, when possible.
  2. Thou shall not step in the alley before all darts are thrown, unless asked to check a thrown dart’s position.
  3. Thou shall always project a fair and neutral disposition when scoring.
  4. Thou shall not coach or suggest a combination to throw.
  5. Thou shall refrain from making any noises or speak during a throw unless asked a question by the shooter.
  6. Thou shall not move or fidget when shooter is at the oche.
  7. Thou shall not move thy head or look away from the board during a player’s throw. Never face or look at the shooter during their turn.
  8. Thou shall not eat, drink or smoke when keeping score.
  9. Thou shall not carry on a conversation when keeping score.
  10. Thou shall not complain or argue if asked to be replaced.