Summer 2017 New Player Tournament

Thank you to all who attended our first ever New Player Tournament on August 17th, 2017!

Congrats to the winners:

1st Place – John Kloepfer

2nd Place – Matt Pudney

3rd Place – Nick Baird

It was a huge success – we brought in 15 players who had never played in the SCDA before! Huge thanks goes out to SCDA members who came out and gave up their night to chalk games and help out in general; we couldn’t have done it without you: Nena Anda, Eddie Burke, Armik Davalokhanian, Ron Dembowski, Craig MacFarlane, Dylan Moon, Eddie O’Flaherty and Rachel Schwartz. (No seriously, they stayed all night to CHALK a tournament they weren’t playing in!) Also, thanks so much to MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. and their gracious staff (thanks Amanda, Nicole, Ray and Stephen) for hosting us!

Also, the players that participated have completed the SCDA’s process to establish a DartConnect 3 Dart Average that clears them for play in the Fall Season to join a team or play as an Alternate.

From left to right: 3rd Place – Nick Baird, 1st Place – John Kloepfer, 2nd Place – Matt Pudney

The format was Round Robin 1 leg each of 501 and Cricket.

Because of the great turnout, we randomly divided everyone into two groups. The winners of each group played each other for 1st and 2nd (John Kloepfer played Matt Pudley) and the runner-up of each group played each other for 3rd and 4th (Mark Bassett played Nick Baird.) Great job all!

Also, every player completed an SCDA Player Agreement, so everyone is cleared to play in the new season.

To see the match-ups and results for each group: Group 1 Standings & Group 2 Standings.

The final DartConnect averages for all the players:

Bob Rosenblum PPR 35.30 MPR 0.90
Chris Hawes PPR 41.80 MPR 2.00
Devin O’Connell PPR 29.70 MPR 1.10
Emily Plizak PPR 38.20 MPR 0.90
Eric Voelz PPR 38.80 MPR 1.90
Joe Jordan PPR 34.10 MPR 1.10
John Kloepfer PPR 41.70 MPR 2.50
Luke Gunn PPR 29.40 MPR 1.00
Mark Bassett PPR 36.00 MPR 1.50
Matt Pudney PPR 44.00 MPR 2.00
Mike Monarrez PPR 35.40 MPR 1.60
Molly Liebman PPR 26.00 MPR 0.60
Nick Baird PPR 35.30 MPR 1.60
Peter Mirkovich PPR 33.70 MPR 1.30
Steve Knight PPR 30.80 MPR 1.10