Semi-Finals Results

Hey All-

Congratulations to last night’s Semi-Finals winners! Despite the final results, the matches were all extremely close and hard-fought. Thanks to Dart Connect, I was able to follow all matches online and it’s amazing how excited and nervous one can get by just seeing numbers on a screen change!

Perhaps the most exciting match of the night was a back and forth battle in C Div between Home Sweet Nut House and Armed & Intoxicated (click here for DC Match Report). A&I jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead winning the first Chicago Doubles and the first Singles 501 in straight legs. Adding insult to injury, HSNH had a shot to win both legs in Singles 501 if they could only have taken out Double-1; otherwise know as “The Madhouse” or “The Nut House” – HSNH’s very namesake! Undeterred, HSNH came right back and won the next two sets in straight legs to tie the match 2-2. A&I then took the 2nd Singles Cricket set, and HSNH took the 2nd Doubles Chicago, with both sets going all 3 legs! The match was now tied 3-3 and heading into the final do-or-die, single leg of Team 1001.

A&I won the cork and the right to go first, but HSNH took the lead on their very first throw and kept it through the first 13 rounds, at one point expanding their lead by 132 points. But then HSNH slipped and A&I capitalized and closed the gap to 28 points. HSNH hit the gas and were sitting on a makable 2-dart out of 73 with A&I at an improbable 3-dart out 161. HSNH edged down to 24, A&I shot down to 40, and the entire match and the right to play for the Division Championship was now down to just 1 dart! A couple of near misses, a couple of busts… and Home Sweet Nut House closed out the game to win the match! It was an incredible match by two formidable teams and truly either one could have taken it. Well played, everyone!

And congratulations to Little John’s for taking 3rd Place in A Division! The LJ’s lost a tough match in the Semis against Robin’s Archers, but since Wicked Dahts had to drop from the playoffs, Little John’s has won 3rd Place!

Semi-Finals results:


Robin’s Archers 5 – Little John’s 2


Zero Dart Thirty 5 –  MacKrakens 1

Armed Throbbery 5 – Clan MacLeod 1


W.J. Ankers 4 – Darty Rotten Scoundrels 2

Home Sweet Nut House 4 – Armed & Intoxicated 3


Calamitous Intent 4 – Magnolia’s Marks 0

Them Stooges Be Trippin’ 4 – This Bitch 1

Winners in the Semis will now play for 1st and 2nd and losers play for 3rd. The matchups for Finals next Monday, Aug 28th @ 7:30 PM are as follows:


(2) Shoot to Thrill @ (1) Robin’s Archers


(2) Armed Throbbery @ (1) Zero Dart Thirty

(4) MacKrakens @ (3) Clan MacLeod


(1) Home Sweet Nut House @ (1) W.J. Ankers (WJA won seed tie-breaker by record)

(2) Armed & Intoxicated @ (2) Darty Rotten Scoundrels (DRS won seed tie-breaker by record)


(2) Them Stooges Be Trippin’ @ (1) Calamitous Intent

(4) Magnolia’s Marks @ (3) This Bitch

Fun Fact: The one time this season that C Division finalist, Home Sweet Nut House and W.J. Ankers, played each other, like in HSNH’s Semis match last night, the match was tied 3-3 and came down to the Team 1001 game. And again, HSNH jumped out to a massive lead (303 points!)  and had a chance to win the match… if they could just take out Double-1. Unfortunately they couldn’t, and WJA came back to win… by 1 dart! Next week’s match promises to be an exciting one, but it does beg the question: If Home Sweet Nut House has a chance to win, and again can’t take out Double-1, should they change their team name?!

Have a great week everyone!