Week 3 Darts Tonight!

Congratulations to James Pittman of Them Stooges Be Trippin’ in D Div on hitting his very first SCDA R9, and to Anthony Margolis of Pros and Cons in A Div on hitting his very first SCDA 180! Welcome to the R9 and Ton80 Clubs, gentlemen. Anthony also hit a 174, making that 3 top marks in his first 2 weeks in League. Other highlights in Week 2 included Tim Bright of Little Johns in C Div, and Chris Irons of Angel City Darts in A Div hitting 180s, and Tom Clark of Phenonenauts, Matt Herington of SuperBad (both in B Div), and yours truly hit R9s.

Please be sure to Save AND Exit your match on Dart Connect as soon as your match is complete. And always be sure to submit a copy of your score sheet as well. Last week’s postings got held up due to teams not doing both in a timely manner.

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!