New Player Assessment

To be eligible to join a team or be considered as an alternate, a player that is unknown to the SCDA must establish a DCA (DartConnect Average) including their PPR (Points Per Round) for ’01 games and MPR (Marks Per Round) for Cricket. The SCDA will use this information as a guide to try to preserve an overall fairness to the league. Your DCA will not necessarily dictate placement or exclusion from a particular division or team.

The SCDA will accept a DCA established in one of two ways: 

  1. Play in SCDA league play or event (such as Long Format 501 or Tuesday Tournament at MacLeod Ale) or in another league that is “known” to the SCDA. Any of the Partner Leagues for DartConnect will qualify (CLICK HERE to see the list.) If you don’t see your league listed, please contact the SCDA. A player must have played at least 9 legs in a season or event for the DCA to qualify.


  1. Play the following match against a current or former SCDA member: 
  • 1 Set of Chicago (3 legs: SI/DO 501, Cricket, DI/DO 301)
  • 1 Set (3 legs) of SI/DO 501
  • 1 Set (3 legs) of Cricket

(For the sets play all 3 legs regardless of the outcome of the first 2) 

• The sets can be played in any order, but the legs should be played within the set in the order listed.

• Match must be played on DartConnect, ( on any smart-phone or tablet. The match results must be forwarded by email to:

with the subject line “SCDA NEW PLAYER ASSESSMENT – (NAME)” (insert evaluated players name instead of NAME.) In the body of the email include the mobile phone number and email that you will use (or are currently using) for your own DartConnect login (which will be used for your SCDA league play). Please indicate if you are submitting the assessment ONLY to be included on the Alternate List.

• All sets and legs must be played in one match and results sent in one email. (Make sure to exit and save any other match that may exist, and start a new match.) We cannot use results that were compiled from multiple matches; we need one match to show the Player Performance on DartConnect.)

• It is best to play as a named played (add your name & email to the player library if you are not playing with your own device or account.) If you are playing as Home/Away, please indicate whether to evaluate the Home or Away player. If you play this way on someone else’s device THEY will have to send an email with your information. If you add yourself to their Player Library on DartConnect app, you will receive an email with the link to the Recap that you can forward to the SCDA.

• Make sure to Save and Exit the match when you are finished. You must be connected to the internet for the Recap to be sent.

• Match should be played against someone close to your skill level, but the assessment match played against any SCDA player will qualify.

• If you need help locating an SCDA member to play this match with we recommend:

  1. Finding players at the locations we play matches at (found here: Also, players can almost always be found at Fox & Hound or MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.)
  2. Come to the Tuesday Tournament at MacLeod Ale, every Tuesday at 7 pm. The tournament entry is $5, but even if you don’t play there will be many players there.
  3. If you exhaust those options to no avail contact the SCDA (last resort please!)

For help using DartConnect CLICK HERE.

To see details about our current season CLICK HERE.

To view a scoresheet (to see what is played in a typical match) CLICK HERE.