How to Join the SCDA

Are you interested in joining the SCDA? League matches are Monday nights and start at 7:30 pm. The season is 10 weeks long, with 2 additional weeks for playoffs and finals. (See the calendar for our current season and events.) Play rotates for teams between their home location and other teams’ home venues (see where we play here, but we are always open to new venues – ask your local pub if they would like to host a team.)

Depending on the division, the format is between 7 to 9 sets. Matches consist of Doubles Chicago (501, Cricket and 301 if needed,) Singles Cricket, Doubles Cricket, Singles 501, Doubles 501 and a Team game (Chicago, 501 or 1001 depending on division.) You can see the play format for each division on the scoresheets here. Matches usually last until about 11 pm, but can go longer.

We have three seasons per year: Spring, Summer and Fall. The fee per season is $25 per player. All teams are provided with a premium brand dartboard to ensure the best playing conditions for your matches. The minimum number of players required per team is 2 for A & B Divisions and a minimum of 3 players for C & D Divisions, but most of our teams have more.

The best way to join the league is to form a team at your local bar or venue where you play darts with other players and contacting the management about sponsoring your team. Team sponsorship for the whole season is only $25 and will bring new players to the bar every time you play at home.




General inquiries, please use the contact form below. (For new player, alternate and team sign up scroll down.) Someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Team Sign Up

Please submit your information if you have a team to play in the next SCDA season. This is for Captains that have already assembled a group of other players. For teams that have previously played in the league, we still need you to fill in at least the Captain’s info and team name. You do not have to fill out the entire form if your team is the same as last season.

Please fill out the form to create a team here.

For a printable form to take with you to your home venue click here (fill this out to complete the info needed from your venue to form to host a team.)

Individual Players – No Current Team

Please submit your information if you would like to play in the next SCDA season, and do not have a team formed. We will try to help new players connect with existing teams that need a player, but the best way to get on a team is to form one. Many teams have formed from new players that have met at our events such as the ongoing MacLeod Ale Tuesday Tournament and the New Player Tournament that we hold before each season.

Please fill out the form as an individual player here.

Subs & Alternates

If you would like make yourself available as an alternate, please submit your information to be placed on the Subs & Alternates contact list. You are giving current SCDA league teams permission to contact you to for league play. The Captain of the team you are playing for will tell you where you are playing. THERE IS NO LONGER A COST TO PLAY AS AN ALTERNATE UNTIL YOU HAVE PLAYED 3 TIMES IN ONE SEASON. Once an alternate plays for one team twice, they cannot sub for another team. If an alternate plays for the same team 3 times, that alternate is considered a full team member the full $25 season league fee is due.

Please fill out the contact form to become an Alternate here.

New Player Flyer

Do you know of a location that has great dart players? Recruit new players by posting this at our existing locations and at new places that would like to host a team (with permission of course.) If you are a potential new Sponsor or Host Venue, contact us here.

To open a printable flyer to post at your home bar/venue (or any place they play darts) click here.

To open a printable flyer to give to a bar/venue that explains the benefits of sponsoring a team click here.

New Player Flyer Printable PDF