DartConnect – Leaderboard


The DartConnect Leaderboard shows individual player performance compared to the rest of the league and is highly sortable to show leaders in different categories.




Tap “Player” column header to sort players alphabetically and then select checkmarks to mark your favorite players. Use the “Group Players” button to create your own personalized leaderboard.

3 Dart Average (PPR)

Points Per Round defines a player’s ’01 three-dart average. This is the most accurate measure of a player’s overall ability. DartConnect breaks this down further, to contrast consistency (First 9 Dart Average) vs. skill shooting (Average Finish) for the check out/double out turn.


  • Fir9: Avg of First 9 Darts
  • AFin: Avg Finish
  • 100+: All turns of 100 or more
  • 140+: All turns of 140 or more
  • 180: Turns scoring 180pts

 Ton Percentage

Use the navigation arrows to select the preferred Ton metric. Ton percentage or Tons per leg is the most accurate way to compare players who have played a different number of legs.

  • MP: Matches Played
  • Legs: Legs Played
  • LW%: Leg Win %
  • O-3DA: Opponent 3 Dart Avg
  • Div: Division

This is the record for this player format and game type.

Use the Game Type menu to change game type.

To see the Match Reports for individual SCDA games, click here.