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THERE IS A NEW VERSION of DartConnect as of 4/16/17

The old version has a BLACK icon on your device’s homescreen. The new version has a RED icon.

For instructions on how to download the new version CLICK HERE.




To use DartConnect for SCDA League play, you will need to register your email with DartConnect here. You can register for a free Guest account if you intend to only use DartConnect for SCDA League matches. If you already have a DartConnect account, you do not need to re-register.

If you would like to use DartConnect for any other games you will need to purchase the Premium Membership. There is no need to purchase the Season Pass, the SCDA has already registered our season.

Make sure you are registering with the same email that you provided to the SCDA. If you do not see the SCDA League listed in the League Play section of the app, it is probably because we have a different email for you. You can check the Team Rosters for the email that is on file with the league.

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For the complete DartConnect Video Gallery click here.


Score Keeper Basics

Score Keeper Basics

Score Keeper Basics PDF


HOW TO: Access League Season Pass

Welcome to Dart Connect Season Pass

Welcome to Dart Connect Season Pass PDF

Season Pass Overview VIDEO


HOW TO: Pick the Number of Legs for Each Set

  • Select # of legs at the start of each new set
  • Select “3 Legs” for Sets that are Best of 3 (Doubles Chicago, Doubles Cricket, Doubles 501, Singles Cricket, Singles 501)
  • Select “1 Leg” for Sets that are Best of 1 (Team 1001)
Select Legs


HOW TO: Correct Scoring Mistakes

  • Use “UNDO” while on current turn
  • Use “BACK” to access the previous turn
  • If previous player forgot to enter “MISS,” use “BACK” to access the previous turn and then “Insert MISS”
  • Use “Edit Other Turns” in the gold box at the top middle to edit 2-3 previous turns

Correct Cricket Scores VIDEO

Correct 01 Scores VIDEO


HOW TO: End & Save the Match

  • If final score is correct, click “Save Match” or match will save automatically after 90 seconds
  • If final score is INCORRECT, click “Edit Match Score” to adjust final score
  • If your match ends prematurely…To continue playing the match, click “Options” in the red control bar before autosave finishes and then “Reset Match Settings” > “Back” > “Next Player Lineup”.  To manually end match when finished, click the “Options” menu again.
  • YOU MUST SAVE THE MATCH for the match to close out and the match recap email sent out
  • If you do not have a wifi connection at your venue, the match will sync once a connection is detected (ex: when you arrive home) – do not close the app until match is synced.

End Of Match


HOW TO: Shorthanded Games & Forfeits

  • For shorthanded games, just pick one player for the side that is shorthanded
  • DartConnect will automatically skip the turn for the shorthanded team
  • The player whose turn it is will appear highlighted at the top of the scoreboard

If a game is not played, such as shorthanded singles 501, select the player that is present, leave the other side blank and press the “Forfeit” button to record the winning point for the correct team.


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01 Scoring Overview VIDEO

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