DartConnect FAQ


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What is “DCA”?

3DA is your Three Dart Average, for any game single game you play. DCA is your DartConnect Average, for all games played with DartConnect.

We have some unique takes on how to measure dart performance, with more to come. Check back to find out more as the member site evolves.

What is “PPR”?

PPR is your average points for a 3 dart turn when playing any ’01 game.

What is “MPR”?

MPR is your average number of marks for a 3 dart turn when playing Cricket.

What is a “Guest Account”?

A Guest Account allows you to reserve your “spot” with DartConnect, without having to commit to a membership. You get to reserve a unique DartConnect ID and log games asscoiated with your account (email required) when playing active members on their device. You can also compete online, when premimum members provide a Connect Code.

Important: An active membership account is required to access the DartConnect program without another active member.

Which Tablets does DC Recommend?

DartConnect has been designed to run on any platform with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Amazon Silk. Note: DC has NOT been validated for any version of Internet Explorer.

Apple appears to have the most consistent product out there, and we can recommend all previous versions through the iPAD 2. Good deals can be found on refurbished/reconditioned ones online, including Amazon. Do NOT buy the original iPad (iPad 1). Apple no longer supports these with updates.

Android. There are a lot of inexpensive small tablets that have short battery life or weak WiFi. We recommend you only buy new (or newer) tablets from well known manufacturers.

Amazon Tablets – The best value, but they come with advertising and the amazon ecosystem. If you are new to tablets, the instant help button for live customer service is a nice feature.

Microsoft Tablets – Make sure you can download a compatible browser for it. Chrome and Firefox appear to work on most.

Attention Android Users!

Most tablets use the native android browser, that can be modified by the manufacturer. This is NOT Chrome. Do not assume because you are using Android, you are using Chrome. To be sure, go to the Play Store and download/update Google Chrome.

DC has not been validated for third party Android browsers.

Do I need to log out after each match?

No. Periodically the system will ask you to log out and back in. Otherwise, just stay logged in on your personal device

What is “Marksman” Cricket?

Marksman Cricket is a unique way to score Cricket Games. Instead of tapping a single target button for the number of marks/hits/counts you have for that turn, you actually record what you hit, NOT what you scored. This enables you to track the number of Triples, Double Bulls and Total Missed Darts.

Simply choose the marksman Button anytime you want to use this mode

Important: Because you are only recording what you “hit”, you are limited to 3 inputs per turn. For some, this takes a bit of getting used to. When we play with someone new, we normally use the standard mode to avoid confusion.

How do I add a DC icon ‘shortcut” to my Home Screen?

Adding a DartConnect Icon to your desktop allows you to use the application in full screen while giveing you one-tap access to the application. Rwminder: Yoonly need to log out of DartConnect once a month. Stay logged in for faster access AND access when you are in areas with no WIFI

After downloading the application from the DartConnect Member Site, follow these instruticon BEFORE you log in:

Android Users:


Apple Users:


DC Basics # 1: Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

Refresh is the most important command to know. If the browser does not load a game state correctly, or if it freezes the applicaiton, this will solve most issues. It can be accessed from the top of your browser header, or from within the red control bar in the application. Your match data will be protected. Practice it during a casual game.

If that does not resolve it, you may have to use your device home button or close the browser itself. Please report these instances through the Bug Report process

DC Basics # 2: I need a hint – Use the INFO Icon!

Need a quick reminder on the spot? Use the Info Icon in the red control bar to provide you with a quick reference on how to navigate the application.

DC Basics # 3: Why should I add Emails to players in my device library?

A player’s email address is their unique identifiier. With an email address, all participants recieve a match recap, with a summary and highlights. Members who provide an email address, alsohave their membership account updated, regardless of what device they play on.

DC Basics # 4: Why do I have to “End & Save” my matches?

This tells DartConnect that you are finished and initiates the process of saving your data to your account, updating your performance statistics and your activity log. This is also what generates the match recaps for all participants who have provided emails in your player library.

The easiest way to end a match: When you are finished playing, select “End Current Set” and then “End Match” followed by “Save Match”. You can also initiate this process from other areas, utilizing the “Exit Match” option, located below the red control bar.

DC Basics # 5: Back Up Your Player Library!

Your game data is important, but your connections are even more valuable. Make sure your Back Up your player/team library every time you make changes. If you transfer your membership account to a new device, Download your Library and resume maintain of your current library on that device. This is important in case of device theft or failure.

IMPORTANT: DartConnect Backup is not “synchronization”. It provides a back up process for your primary device. When you Back Up Library, it REPLACES your entire library.

DartConnect is not responsible for preserving player libraries.

How do I play against the computer (DartConnect)?

The computer opponent is listed in the SELECT OPPONENTS/CHANGE PLAYERS screen.  At the top of the right player column, there is a button: PLAY DARTCONNECT. It is treated like any other opponent. You can play doubles or triples against it.

After selecting your inital difficulty level, you can adjust it further, simply by tappng on the “DC 5.0” in the header before you slect the starting player

Additional featrues include “ADAPTIVE MODE”, which allows DartConnect to adjust to how you are playing throughout the match.

You can also eliminate the delay of DC scoring. Note: This will eliminate the 4-second grace period for correcting miss-keys. Edits can still be made after DartConnect completes his turn.

Thank you to Michael L. for posting this question.

League Play: Can I use the League Option, if my League is not Listed?


DartConnect has been designed to accomodate any league – if we have not established an affilation, you may have an extra step or two – but all of the same functiionality and benefits are provided for all leagues.

TIP: If your league is not an affilate yet, go into user settings, and select “Show 301/501/601/Cricket Menu” – this will address your most common formats. “Other”will be listed to address the game options to accomodate your league specifics.

Please contact us, so we can add your leauge, and simplify league play for your teams.

League Play: Do we have to fill out rosters for both teams?

Only if you want!

DartConnect is designed to accommodate the level of game detail you desire. At the most basic level, you can list each team name as opponents and compete head to head. All statistics and match performances will roll up to the team level.

On the opposite end, you can add build out the roster for both teams, select the individual competitors for each set, and then choose the play order at the start of each game. Note: If you make a mistake in the player order, simply tap the player name in the header at any time, and re-select the player who threw first to correct the throw order.

Benefit: Each player is credited for every turn they play, and if spectators are following your match online, they will know which player is currently throwing.

Compromise: To avoid the extra step of having the score keeper select throwing order, you can turn off “Track Player” in the Select Opponents screen, and all turns will be generically listed to the doubles/triples/quads team. However, you will lose visibility to who threw the best turns. If that is important, make sure you track it separately.

Hint: If one team is enthusiastic, and the other does not care, simply turn off “Track Player” for that team, and reduce the  tracking process by half.

League Play: Forfeits and Playing Short

Playing “short” and “forfeits” are situations any team can face – and DartConnect is ready.

When playing short, you do not need to do anything. Simply select the players who are present, leaving the missing player(s) blank. DartConnect assumes that the missing player(s) go last for each side, and automatically skips that turn, preserving the proper turn order.

Forfeit – If a team is unable to compete in a given set, pick the present players, leaving the other side blank. Now select “Forfeit”. In the match recap, DartConnect will assign a win to the winning side and print “forfeit” for the opposition.

Connect Features: How do I Compete Online?

Premium Members can access the Connect Menu from within the application to generate a Host Code. This code can them be shared with any Registered Guest or Active Member to connect the players for online play. Regsitered Guests, will need to download “Guest Connect” from the member site to enter the Connect Code.

Important: The Host must always play from the left side of the score board.

Note: For non-members to play versus a subscribed member, they must first register a “Guest Account”.  Once registered, they will be able to access “Guest Connect” by logging in through the member’s website.

Connect Features: What Equipment do I Need to Play Online?

For DartConnect, each player needs a device with a compatible browser and a quality internet connection. The system will give control to each player during their turn. Players can also direct a webcam at thier respective boards and use a video conferencing services such as Skype to watch eachother’s turns.

Note: Web conferencing requires a much stronger broadband connection. If you are having trouble maintaining a quality video stream, consider turning the video off and doing voice only. This is much less demanding. Players can still call out their turns in additon to using DartConnect.

Connect Features: How do I Broadcast my Match?

Members can access the Connect Menu from within the application to generate a Broadcast Code. Share this code with anyone you would like to follow your match. Spectators need to go to tv.dartconnect.com, and enter the code.

Advanced: How do I access Tournament Play?

Currently, tournament play is limited to selected DartConnect Partnership Events and require a unique code to access.

Much more to come soon. Please join us at our future events. The member site news section will have the most current listing of upcoming events