Mid-Season Tournament Postponed

A message from SCDA President Curtis Pierpont:

Attention ALL SCDA Members,

            All of you are certainly aware of the Corona Virus Pandemic that is terrorizing our planet and causing the postponement of public gatherings.  Your SCDA Board of Directors has decided it would be wise to follow the examples of professional organizers.  In an effort to help all of us minimize exposure to this highly contagious and sometimes deadly disease, we have decided to postpone Mondays’ event until 5/11/20.

            There is a great deal of VERY IMPORTANT, League information, that all of you need to be aware of.  It was going to be presented at the Mid-season event, but in light of the postponement, and the timely nature of the topics to be addressed, we will instead, post an announcement this Monday.  Please be sure to return to this site and thoroughly read each of the items presented.  They impact the entire League!

            League matches will resume, as scheduled, on March 23rd.  Please notify your Captain or Team, if you feel unwell prior to a League match.  We ask that players refrain from participating in League events when ill, so as to minimize the spread of disease.  Captains should prepare for the possibility of players missing a match due to illness.  PLAN AHEAD!  Contact players, in advance, who can sub for your team if needed, 

            Thank you all for being considerate of other players’ health, particularly during the current state of heightened awareness.  As you arrive to your match, consider greeting players with some of the alternative greeting methods that have been circulating through the media.  Avoid handshakes (elbow bump instead) and touching your face or eyes, minimize contact with public surfaces, and wash your hands if you’ve had such contact.

            Please be aware of the new ways to safely interact with those around you.  Wishing you good health while having fun throwing darts,

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA