Captains Duties

Captain’s Duties

  • Responsible for team conduct (All players & alternates must sign the Player Agreement PRIOR to playing)
  • Responsible for team awareness of all SCDA League info and policies
  • Assigning a Co-Captain for when Captain is absent
  • Attending mandatory Captains meetings
  • Timely appearance for matches
  • Team roster
  • Home location standards (Board, lights, scoreboard, environment, etc.)
  • Providing score sheet for home matches
  • Assigning their team’s playing order / matchups
  • Accuracy of the score sheet (Make sure that both Captains have signed.)
  • Reporting Results (Home Captains must TEXT or EMAIL a clear picture of the signed Score Sheet to the designated administrator (see Score Sheets for the contact info) immediately following match. Also must make sure that match is saved in DartConnect (requires an internet connection.)
  • Timely payment of Player dues & Sponsor fees
  • Knowing the Web Site – Location of ALL Documents online (Player Agreements, Score Sheets, Etc. – hard copies will NOT be provided)
  • Recording All Stars – When filling in the score sheet please record 180s, R9s, and 6Bs ONLY.