Deadlines Today!

A message from SCDA President Curtis Pierpont:

Hello Darters.

   TODAY is the deadline for members to register for the free, Mid-Season Tournament.  This is the second notice.  If you intend to play in the mid-season tournament, you MUST REGISTER by midnight tonight!  It’s quick and easy and you may do so HERE.

   TODAY is also the deadline for the “Call for Candidates”.  Once again, we have vacancies on the Board of Directors that runs this League.  Now is your opportunity to help improve the way this League is run. You can apply HERE.

   Those that are stepping down, have contributed their time for the past year, and NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!  PLEASE join the Board so that we can continue to enjoy organized League darts with “all the trimmings”.

   Without a complete Board, we will have no choice but to make cutbacks on things like League provided dart boards, trophies and the weekly highlight reports you have come to enjoy.  An example of this occurred with the resignation of one of our Directors last Fall. Duties had to be shifted, cutbacks were necessary, and the weekly reports were the first casualty.  So please help us keep ALL OF THE FUN in this League by joining the Board TODAY!


   The Mid-season Party is next Monday, 3/16 and festivities begin at 5:30.  This is when we hand out (a free drink to all members, and) the trophies that were earned in the previous season.  If you cannot attend, make sure that a teammate is present to receive your awards.  Otherwise, your plaques can be retrieved from MacLeod Ale.

   We will also be holding our annual General Meeting at the Mid-season event.  This is the one time, each year, when we vote for League President, and fill the vacant seats on the Board.

   We will also be making important announcements regarding registering for the upcoming Summer season.  League Registration deadlines, payment, and procedures, are all changing dramatically for next season, so please make every effort to attend.

   Thank you all for being a part of the SCDA.  Without you, it’s just not as much fun!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA