Eddie Burke

It is with shock and sadness that we share the heartbreaking news that Eddie Burke passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this past Sunday from a rare and undiagnosed autoimmune disease. After having taken a short break from League play, Eddie had only just rejoined us this season on Tungsten Raiders in B Division with his longtime friend and teammate, Dylan Moon. Eddie had also played on past teams with his dear friend, Rachel Schwartz, and his brother, Liam.

Eddie was a great dart player and a great competitor, but he was an even better friend (see Dylan’s loving and beautiful letter below). We send our love and deepest condolences to Eddie’s family.


In the words of Dylan:

As I’m sure a lot of you heard by now, Eddie Burke passed away rather suddenly this past Sunday. It’s been a lot to process so I guess I’ll just begin at the beginning.

I was recruited at Macleods by Rachel when I was just messing around one day and she invited me to join her team. We had Rachel, Liam (Eddie’s brother), Gary, and leading the charge was Eddie. I was impressed by how talented he was and honestly, we didn’t really bond or anything from the start. He started out as a guy that I played darts with and eventually he was an older brother to me.
Side Bar: I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. This community has felt like a home away from home and I love you all for it. It has led me to meeting some of the best people in the world and to everyone that fought so hard to keep this league alive and growing, I just want to say with all my heart: Thank You.
Eddie lit up every room he was in (I hate these kinds of phrases but he was also a lighting guy so I had to do it. Mostly because I know he’d be pissed if I did). Every person in this league can remember when he walked into a room, said, “Boys!” and was greeted by handshakes and hugs. He was an amazing dart player and always the most loved in the dart hall.

Here’s where it gets hard. Like I said, Eddie was a brother to me. No matter what the situation was, I could always go to him. He would hear my stupid stories and insult me, or he would hear my real problems and give me sage advice. I truly believe that there won’t be another like him and that the void he is leaving will be vacant forever. Eddie: I love you for everything you were and everything you were going to be. You were one of the truest friends an asshole drunk could have asked for. I’ll never throw a dart without wishing you were there to insult me after I hit a 26 and any time I drink a Lagunitas IPA.