All Stars

Summer 2017

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First NameLast NameTeam NameDiv.Legs Played
R5R6R7R8R995-113114-132133-151152-170171-17918060-99 IN100-139 IN140+ IN60-99 OUT100-139 OUT140+ OUT3B4B5B6BTotal All StarsLEG AVG.
MattSmookeShoot To ThrillA429370022390000000103000571.36
CurtisPierpontRobins' ArchersA129391050167811002100230152101671.29
JoshHurtadoLittle John'sA6317870025040001003106000721.14
GaryZhamkochyanShoot To ThrillA823100200000000000100091.13
TylerElliottWicked DahtsA14723144105871200120041091001370.93
MilanSabataRobins' ArchersA4811610012310000001301200410.85
DomGahanShoot To ThrillA9323420027680001001002100750.81
EddieOÕFlahertyShoot To ThrillA10519351036930001100005000830.79
MattHeringtonShoot To ThrillA26602008120000000000100200.77
RonDembowskiZero Dart ThirtyB10218320129560002003004200750.74
AlastairBoaseClan MacLeodB608120024230001002001000440.73
BillLynchRobins' ArchersA11220550029480012001005100810.72
DylanMoonHome Sweet Nut HouseC8223110119310000000004400570.70
RobertAnstessW. J. AnkersC8019060018470000001001000560.70
ArmikDavalokhanianZero Dart ThirtyB12422360130540020002006300840.68
TomClarkDarty Rotten ScoundrelsC9924310020850000000005010670.68
ClaudioKusnierLittle John'sA8222530013410000000006100550.67
AndrewHernandezW. J. AnkersC665210026120001000004000420.64
JasonBonillaThe Dart VadersC7115530013120000001004000440.62
PranteethSuriyaarachchiThis Motley CrewB6612230014220000000005000400.61
JustinScovelArmed ThrobberyB14327240036360001100105000860.60
GeoffMurrayThis Motley CrewB436110011040000000002000250.58
EricAllenArmed & IntoxicatedC10119410119520001001004000570.56
Nectali "Nick"RiveraCalamitous IntentD641722008100000001005000360.56
JeffWoldTwenty Twen TwensB11123600015330001002106100610.55
JoseQuinonesArmed ThrobberyB576300011220011000005000310.54
AndreOttradovetzGet F#cked!C927500091270001002104000480.52
TeresaQuanThis BitchD611161005410001000001100310.51
EddieBurkeHome Sweet Nut HouseC40510008130000001000100200.50
MauricioCastanedaThem Stooges Be TrippingD6912410010320000000002000340.49
TimBrightLittle John'sA9015210014050000002003100430.48
DerykDetzThe Magical UnicornsC10915131019251001000004000520.48
BarrettElliottWicked DahtsA14220340023810011002002200670.47
SamWagnerClan MacLeodB8710120015120005001004000410.47
MikeRoshetskieArmed ThrobberyB611140009210000000001000280.46
BrianAdesDarty Rotten ScoundrelsC10610700019510001001005000490.46
SeanCairlClan MacLeodB761833002120000000004000330.43
JamesPittmanThem Stooges Be TrippingD656200011030001000003100270.42
ChrisOrtegaDarty Rotten ScoundrelsC2010000700000000000000080.40
AlejandroGonzalezCalamitous IntentD8411120010330000001002000330.39
AngieRourkeTwenty Twen TwensB10113200016400001001001000380.38
DaveJohnsonArmed & IntoxicatedC45610006210000000001000170.38
AdrianBrownThe Magical UnicornsC1097120018550001100000000400.37
TomRowlandW. J. AnkersC51610007100000000004000190.37
RachelSchwartzHome Sweet Nut HouseC876210013511000000001100310.36
JoshHalesThis Motley CrewB67811005330001000000100230.34
GeneWarren, Jr.Magnolia's MarksD56830002200000001003000190.34
RalphJohnsonArmed ThrobberyB616100010100000000001000190.31
CrisGodinezGet F#cked!C81912006300000000004000250.31
AndrewRatleyCalamitous IntentD54730002010000001002100170.31
TimIrvinArmed & IntoxicatedC69502008310000000002000210.30
KenGaritoThe Dart VadersC77613008200001000001000220.29
SimonJonesClan MacLeodB88411009230001002002000250.28
EllieMosserThis BitchD68431006200001000002000190.28
LarryZuckermanThem Stooges Be TrippingD50312003200000000002000130.26
JBBraunW. J. AnkersC800000200000000000000020.25
GarethNicholsonThis Motley CrewB49410003110001000001000120.24
ShianneMayMagnolia's MarksD49610003000000000000200120.24
OllyHagueGet F#cked!C47120005210000000000000110.23
BrianHennesyMagnolia's MarksD44600000110000000002000100.23
L. DavidIreteWeaselsC2310000200000000000110050.22
JakeCarlisiZero Dart ThirtyB70331003040000000001000150.21
MannyVazquezThe Dart VadersC3911000401000000000100080.21
RonTuttleLittle John'sA56101006110000000001000110.20
RaySchemelThis Motley CrewB56120005200000001000000110.20
DerrickZoncaThe Dart VadersC3510000312000000000000070.20
NenaAndaThis BitchD62400002410000000000000110.18
RodneyLewisMagnolia's MarksD5721000330000000000000090.16
MichaelMorongellW. J. AnkersC2701000210000000000000040.15
AndrewMorlettThem Stooges Be TrippingD900000001000000000000010.11
JasmineCastroTwenty Twen TwensB6300000110000000000100030.05
EddieShoveThis Motley CrewB500000000000000000000000.00
JessicaGuzmanThe Dart VadersC700000000000000000000000.00
BellaDyeThis BitchD500000000000000000000000.00


Legs: Total legs played this season.

R5: 5 scoring marks in a single turn of cricket.

R6: 6 scoring marks in a single turn of cricket.

R7: 7 scoring marks in a single turn of cricket.

R8: 8 scoring marks in a single turn of cricket.

R9: 9 scoring marks in a single turn of cricket.

95+: Point total in a single turn of any ’01 game in the range of 95-113; (starts at 5 marks on 19’s.)

114+: Point total in a single turn of any ’01 game in the range of 114-132; (starts at 6 marks on 19’s.)

133-151: Point total in a single turn of any ’01 game in the range of 133-151; (starts at 7 marks on 19’s.)

152+: Point total in a single turn of any ’01 game in the range of 152-170; (starts at 8 marks on 19’s.)

171+: Point total in a single turn of any ’01 game in the range of 171-179; (starts at 9 marks on 19’s.)

180: Point total in a single turn of any ’01 game of 180; three triple 20’s.

60+ IN: Point total range of 60-99 in the first turn of any ’01 game that requires a double-in.

100+ IN: Point total range of 100-139 in the first turn of any ’01 game that requires a double-in.

140+ IN: Point total of 140 or higher in the first turn of any ’01 game that requires a double-in.

60+ OUT: Point total range of 60-99 in the last turn of any ’01 game that requires a double out.

100+ OUT: Point total range of 100-139 in the last turn of any ’01 game that requires a double out.

140+ OUT: Point total of 140 or higher in the last turn of any ’01 game that requires a double out.

3B: 3 scoring Bulls.

4B: 4 scoring Bulls.

5B: 5 scoring Bulls.

6B: 6 scoring Bulls.

Total All Stars: The count of total All Stars for any one player during the current season.

LEG AVG.: The average number of All Stars per leg played.

Please Note: When there is a discrepancy between the Score Sheet and DartConnect for All Stars, the totals from DartConnect are represented.

This All Stars page is the replacement for what the SCDA previously tracked using Your League Stats. The YLS page will no longer be maintained or updated. Some stats that were previously available on Your League Stats are now available on the DartConnect Leaderboard (this is the newly released version with much more information available.)