501 Tournaments

Long Format 501 – Select Sundays – 11:45 am

Summer/Fall 2018 Schedule

Tournament 1 – August 12th

Tournament 2 – September 9th

Tournament 3 – September 23rd

Tournament 4 – October 21st

Tournament 5 – November 18th

Final – December 2nd

CHECKIN HERE: https://checkin.dartconnect.com

$20 Entry Fee. All events are groups then Single Elimination Best of 7, Semi-Finals Best of 9, Finals Best of 11. Signups start 11:45 am / Cutoff 12:40 pm. Finals are Sunday December 2nd. Top 24 Players from tournaments 1 through 5 are invited to Finals. Finals prize pool $1,000 +

All tournaments at:

Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

14741 Calvert Street

Van Nuys, CA 91411

Order of Merit:

NamePointsPlayedAV PTS
Matt Smooke1834.8
Ryan Turner1544.15
Ray O' Sullivan1443.9
Chris Irons932.55
Chris Holman932.55
Robert Anstess932.55
Dan Santos822.2
Scott Dedo832.3
Mark Taylor832.3
Andrew Bennett721.95
Don Boon732.05
Richard Wade742.15
Milan Sabata621.7
Jake Carlisi641.9
Ian Santos521.45
Daniel Daugherty521.45
John Iannone541.65
Dann Gillen431.3
Angie Rouke441.4
Jason Wong310.85
Dan Guinan310.85
Anthonony Romero331.05
T Jones331.05
Cesar Roriguez210.6
Mike Reyes210.6
Nunie O210.6
Brock Demayer220.7
Andrew Morlett110.35
Todd Colmbs110.35
Claudio Kusnier110.35
Jason Silva110.35
Ryan Tanner110.35
Jeff Bushaw110.35
Brian Gallas110.35
Rachel Schwartz110.35
Jeremy Timmins110.35
Alastair Boase110.35
Josh Moore110.35
Russell Salvador110.35
Nathan Motupalli110.35
Edgar Manuel110.35
Will Harvey110.35
Randel Santos110.35

Average Points will separate point tied players and at the end of the series will create an Order of Merit to rank the Final. All players are ranked by Points, then by Average Points, then by Leg Differential in the 1st round, then by Ending Position in 1st round. The Average Points have 0.1 added for each event that you play in.

DartConnect Match Reports/Leaderboard

Previous Brackets:

October 21st, 2018

September 23rd, 2018

September 9th, 2018

August 12th, 2018