SCDA Elections / Mid-Season Tournament

Dear SCDA Members,

The SCDA will be holding our Annual Elections and General Meeting on Monday, March 16th, 7:30 PM at the Mid Season Tournament held at MacLeod Ale. Tickets (reservation) for this tournament will be available starting February 24th at 8 AM and is limited to the first 64 players to respond. You MUST PRE-REGISTER TO PLAY. Registration ends at midnight March 9th. You can register to play here:

This is the SCDA’s official call for candidates for anyone interested in a position on the SCDA Board of Directors. Any member in good standing may run for a Board position. Applicants for the office of President must have served at least one prior term on the Board in the past 5 years.

The Board is comprised of 5 members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 1 General Member. Board meetings are held at 7:30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Members seeking office shall be given the opportunity to state their qualifications to the General Membership via email.

The election shall be by secret ballot with current SCDA Members in good standing making 2 votes: one for President, and another to select the 4 remaining Board Members. The offices of Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be chosen by vote of the newly elected Board at the first scheduled Board meeting following the election.

The typical duties of the officers are as follows:

PRESIDENT: Maintains the daily operation and efficiency of the SCDA and presides at all meetings.

VICE-PRESIDENT: Assists the President in the operation and efficiency of the SCDA, and in the President’s absence, shall assume the duties normally performed by the President.

TREASURER: Has custody of all SCDA funds and is responsible for promptly depositing all moneys received into an SCDA account. Also responsible for the timely collection of all monies (dues, fees, fines, awards, etc.), for submitting bimonthly financial updates at Board meetings, for preparing annual financial statements for the membership, for creating annual and seasonal budgets, and for submitting all required State and Federal tax filings.

SECRETARY: Records the minutes for all meetings, and distributes all notices and announcements.

BOARD MEMBERS: Collectively govern the SCDA (create and implement policy, operation, rules, etc.), attend bimonthly Board meetings, and discuss and vote on all Board meeting agenda.

The current SCDA Board Members may be found on our SCDA web site:

Any Member wishing to run for a Board position must state their intention to do so via this form no later than March 9th, 2020. If you wish to provide a statement to be sent out to the SCDA prior to the election, please include it when you submit the form.

If there are not more than five candidates that state an intention to run by the cutoff, there will be no election held.