Hello Darters,

            Welcome to the 57th year of the SCDA, and Week 2 of our Spring season.  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and a nice 6 week break from League competition.

            First, I’d like to officially congratulate all 12 of last seasons’, trophy winners:

DIV.    FIRST                                    SECOND                               THIRD

   A      Steel Tipsy                              MacKrakens                            Shanghai Knights

   B      The Romeros                           Calamitous Intent                   Garage Peeps

   C      Them Stooges Be Trippin’      Dirty Third                              Little Johns

   D      Get F#cked                             Weasels                              Consistently Inconsistent

As usual, all of your awards will be presented at our Mid-season awards event on 3/16.

            After looking over the game detail from last week, it’s apparent that most of us have let our dart skills get a little rusty over the holidays.  Time to get back to the practice board!  However, there were a few of you who picked up right where you left off.

            Matt Smooke and Arnold Soliven each shot a 180 to get our highlights started, and Robert Anstess and Chris Holman each shot a 9-mark to start their new year with a bang!  Dimple Ranches deserves an Honorable Mention for her back-to-back 7-marks!  Good shooting all of you!

            Tonight is Week 2 of our 10 week regular season.  As always, the top 4 teams in each division will have the honor of playing 2 extra weeks in the Playoffs.  So the race is on in A, B & C divisions as there will be 5 teams left behind after week 10.

            One last reminder:  There are NO League darts on Monday, Febreary 17th, in observance of Presidents’ Day.  So if you didn’t get enough vacation time over the holidays, now’s your chance to squeeze in another one without missing out on some great dart competition.

General Elections for the Board will be held during the Mid Season Event. More information to follow

            Happy New Year everyone!  Shoot well and have fun tonight.

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA