Spring 2020 League Starts Monday, February 3!

Just a couple days away from the Spring 2020 season! I hope you’re excited to get back to the league after our long break!

The schedules have been posted and you can find them here: http://scdaleague.com/current-schedules

Reminder that Home Team captains must provide a score sheet, bring a tablet, and league assigned dart board. Score sheets can be found here:
Note: A&B scoresheets differ from C&D scoresheets. Please make sure you bring the correct scoresheet.

Please make sure you update your Dart Connect app prior to starting your match on Monday. Ensure you have a network (WiFi) connection before updating and that you enter the Spring 2020 season. Do not enter the Fall 2019 season or you will need to manually enter your match into the correct season dart by dart.

Most questions regarding the use of Dart Connect can be found through our Dart Connect Help menu here:

Good luck this season and shoot well!

Matt Smooke
Vice President
SCDA, Board of Directors