Playoff Schedule and Announcements

Hello Darters,    As most of you already know, the Playoff Schedule and Home Team designations are based on the position/place each team finished, according to the DC (dart connect) Standings.  There weren’t any ties this season and since the Top 4 teams in each division make the Playoffs, ALL teams in “B” and “C” are in, as there were only 4 teams in each of those divisions.  “D” division voted “NOT” to participate in Playoffs, at the last Captains Meeting, and so their Final Results are reported in lieu of a xchedule.    The Playoff matches and Locations for Week One are listed below.  NOTE: If your team loses in Week One, you must return in Week 2 to play for the 3rd place trophy.  If you do not intend to play for 3rd place, PLEASE NOTIFY YOUR OPOSING CAPTAIN of your Teams’ intention to FORFEIT, NO LATER THAN TUESDAY 12/10, so that Captain can complete the Forfeit “Scoresheet” and send the picture in to the League as usual.    NOTE:  ALL HOME CAPTAINS PLAYING WEEK 2 (OR REPORTING A WEEK 2, OPPONENTS FORFEIT) MUST USE THE SPECIAL PLAYOFF SCORESHEET THAT HAS THE SPACES NEAR THE BOTTOM TO LIST YOUR PLAYERS WHO ARE ELIGIBLE AND WANT, AWARD PLAQUES.  Please print clearly and legibly as these forms are used to generate your awards.  It is suggested that you consult with each of your players as to the correct spelling of their first and last names before completing this section of the form.  Correcting trophy misprint errors are an avoidable League expense.  Please make an effort to avoid misspelled names.  Thank you.    PLAYOFF SCHEDULE — Week One: Shanghai Knights (1st)  vs  Steel Tipsy (4th)  (at MacLeod Ale) MacKrakens (2nd)  vs  The Sun Was In Our Eyes (3rd)  (at MacLeod Ale)
The Romeros (1st)  vs  Bulls On Parade (4th)  (at 8one8 Brewing) Garage Peeps (2nd)  vs  Calamitous Intent (3rd)  (at MacLeod Ale)
Dirty Third (1st)  vs  Little Johns (4th)  (at Residuals) Them Stooges Be Trippin’ (2nd)  vs  Money Shot (3rd)  (at Dirty Bull Tavern)
   RESULTS  —  “D” Division: FIRST:  Get F#cked,  Second:  Weasels,  Third:  Consistently Inconsistent Congratulations Award winners!!!
ANNOUNCEMENTS:    Please start thinking about next season!  Applications for next season are being accepted NOW!  The DEADLINE FOR TEAM SIGN UPS IS MIDNIGHT, SATURDAY 1/13/20.  Talk to your venue/sponsor now, about paying Sponsor fees on the SCDA site BEFORE the deadline!  Unpaid teams will not be included on the Spring Schedule, so follow up with your Sponsor to verify their payment.  And remind your players to pay their dues NOW, for next season.  Remember, “No Pay, No Play”!    Thursday night Blind Draw at MacLeod Ale Brewing!   Formerly on Tuesdays, this Draw is under new management (now organized by Anthony Romero) and run in a professional manner.  If you haven’t played in the Draw for awhile, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  It’s good practice during the Leagues’ off-season and a lot of fun.  Sign ups from 7 to 730, darts fly at 8.    501 SUNDAY SINGLES (2 DIVISIONS, 45 DCA DIVIDING LINE)  Event Dates: 12/8, 29,1/5 & 12.  Grand Final on 1/19 (you must play in 3 of the previous events to qualify to play in the “Grand Final”.  Contact Anthony Romero at (818) 288-4547 for more info.
   Good luck and good shooting to all players in the playoffs.  If you’re team is done for the season, you would make some lucky players really happy if you offered to chalk at least part of their match.  It allows players to concentrate on throwing well rather than being distracted by score keeping duties, and makes for a more competitive match.  Think how nice it is when someone offers to chalk your match.  No matter what you do with your “off-time”, if it includes darts, “shoot well and have fun”!

Curtis Pierpont President, SCDA