Hello Darters,

            Tonight we wrap up our Fall season.  We’ve already had a couple “upsets” in Week 1 of the Playoffs, and with some really close match-ups in this last week, you can expect to see some “fireworks” as the Teams battle for their respective awards.

            As ALL Captains should already know, your Teams’ “seed or rank” in the Playoffs is established by where you finished in the regular season.  That RANK is used to determine which team is Home, and rank DOES NOT CHANGE during the Playoffs.  The Team with the higher rank, will be the Home Team in all matches.  Therefore, the matches and locations for Week 2 are as follows:

            A division:  MacKrakens #2  vs. Steel Tipsy #4 (at MacLeod Ale) For 1st,

                                Shanghai Knights #1  vs. Sun Was In Our Eyes #3 (at MacLeod Ale)

            B division:   The Romeros #1 vs. Calamitous Intent #3 (at 8one8 Brewing) For 1st,

                                Garage Peeps #2  vs. Bulls On Parade #4 (at MacLeod Ale)

            C division:   Dirty 3rd #1  vs. Them Stooges Be Trippin’ #2 (at Residuals) For 1st,

                                Money Shot #3  vs. Little Johns #4 (at Pickwick’s Pub)

REMINDER:  HOME CAPTAINS MUST USE THE “FINAL SCORESHEET” FOR YOUR DIVISION!!!! (C is different than A/B)  After tonights’ matches are concluded, first, second and third place Captains must fill in your eligible players (who want an award) at the bottom of the form.  Please VERIFY NAME SPELLING with your teammates, and print clearly as this form is used to order awards!


            All Teams planning to play next season MUST have your Team Applications in by January 13.  Your Player and Sponsor fees ($25 each) must be paid by the deadline as well.  This is the second notice.

     Upcoming for Summer 2020:

            Fees for Players and Sponsors are returning to $35 each.  During the era of the SCDA lawsuit (2011-2012), the League had decided to lower the fees to $25 in an effort to encourage former players to return once the lawsuit had concluded.  That time has long passed and so we are returning to the former fee amount.

            The SCDA will also be introducing the “Team Fee” payment structure.  We will no longer be tracking individual payments.  Instead, Team Applications will be accepted only if they are accompanied by a Team Fee of $140, which includes your Sponsor and Player fees.  It will then be up to the Captains to negotiate with their venue Management for Sponsor Fee reimbursement, and to collect from your players.  To minimize your out of pocket expense, it would be wise to collect these fees in advance.

            The more “savvy” Captains will recognize the “opportunity” available here.  For example, a $50 bar tab in place of the $35 monetary reimbursement of a Sponsor Fee may be a win-win for both.  And Teams willing to have more than 3 players, can reduce the individual costs back to $25 or beyond.  Even if players want more play time, you can create a schedule for your players, based on their availability and an agreed upon week-to-week rotation, so that when they are scheduled to play, they will get their full “reps”.

            These fee changes are being made to help reduce administrative work load and allow for League upgrades such as Professional fees to legally regain our non-profit status.  In turn, this will allow us to have a bank account needed to aid our financial transactions, and we will have better leverage soliciting League donations as they will then be tax deductible, an attribute that is attractive to would-be League supporters.

            If I “lost you” somewhere in the last couple paragraphs, my apology.  Hopefully some of you found answers to your questions of “why?”  The good news is, it’s over and you can all return to what this League is all about:  playing darts.  For those of you who are playing tonight,  Good Luck.  And to all darters, shoot well and have fun!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA