(An Epic Tale of Trivial Triumphs)


            So, some of you are probably thinking, “It’s about time we saw an announcement for the Summer Playoff results”, and you would ordinarily have a right to be upset about the delay.  But what most of you don’t know, is that our 7-person Board of Directors had once again shrank from the necessary 7, to just 4.  That had left the remaining “BMs”, no pun intended, doing double “duty” (sorry, “shit happens”), and so the “fun” things, like this Highlight report, had to take a back seat to the more important matters of scheduling and getting our Fall season started.  Then, I sat down to write this “behemoth” of a report.  And now, with those “chores” out of the way…  “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

            The 1st through 3rd place trophy results for each division, are summarized at the end of this report.  Each Division is presented separately, from start to finish for both weeks of Playoffs, so if you just want to know about your own Division, you can scroll down and find it.  But for those of you who enjoy my “wacky wording”, we get started with the biggest surprise of the playoffs – the one and only…  UPSET!

            “C” DIVISION:  “Get F#cked” #1  vs. “Weasels” #4

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Nena A./Brian A.  vs.  Levon G./Tom F.

            Levon and Tom out-shot their opponents, getting to 32 while the other team was at 247!  But, as it often happens, a leg can go “sideways” and eventually one looses control of it.  Especially when it involves that last little chore of hitting the correct double.  And so, 5 turns later, Nena leaves Brian a 20 out, and when their opponents miss their double, again, Brian takes the out.

            In Cricket, Brian was the only one to shoot a 5M (5-mark, or round-of-5), but it wasn’t enough to keep the Weasels from taking Leg 2.  Both teams started at the same time in the 301.  But the Weasels didn’t mess with the Out this time, and got Game 1.

   Game 2 – 501 Sngls:  Andre O.  vs.  Tom F.

            Andre began with a Ton!, struggled a bit with the finish, bur took it just before Tom got a shot at his Out.  In Leg 2, it was Tom who hit the Ton!, but it was Andre who hit the Out to take Game 2, tying the Match at 1-1.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Olly H.  vs.  Levon G.

            Levon shot a 140! on his way to Leg 1 victory, but Olly stayed tough in Leg 2, despite a Levon Ton!, and tied the Game at 1-1.  Olly also took Leg 3 after both players had a chance to take the Game.  Match now at 2-1.

   Game 4 – Cricket Sngls:  Matt H.  vs.  Levon G.

            Levon won the cork and opened with a 5M on 20s.  Matt hung in there and on his 3rd turn, answered Levons’ opening 5M , with a 7M!  This gave Matt the point lead which he never relinquished.  Levon threw TWO 4Ms and a 5M in Leg 2, but Matt “one-upped” him with his own 5M and THREE 4Ms to win Leg 2 and Game 4.  Match now at 3-1.  Note:  In “ C” & “D” divisions, Matches consist of 7 Games, and in the Playoffs, a Team wins the Match once they win 4 Games.  So in this case, the “Weasels” will be eliminated from a chance to win the Firsr Place trophy if they lose another Game!  NO PRESSURE!

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Brian A.  vs.  Tom F.

            Brian and Tom had one of theeee looooooongest legs on record.  At least 99! (I don’t know if DC goes into triple digits, but this Leg may have!) darts were thrown in this “never-ending saga” with Tom ultimately prevailing.  Leg 2 was a more reasonable 53-darter with a 6M (D16 to close, T15, S15) from Tom.  He took the Leg and the Game to bring the Match to 3-2.

  Game 6 – Chicago Dbls:  Matt H./Nena A.  vs.  Levon G./Tom F.

            Both teams got to an Out at the same time in the 501 Leg, and had over a dozen turns at a finish, but it was Levon who found the double first.  In Cricket, Levon threw a 4M, but Matt answered right back with his own 4M and added a 7M (T19x2, S20) to give his team a huge point lead of 112.  But it was now Toms’ turn to hit a 4M, following it 2 turns later with a 5M, that turned the leg around, and he ultimately finished with a “cherry-on-top” – DB (double bull, AKA “red eye” or, in this case “cherry”).  Match 3-3!

            So, in the world of “nail-biter”, “heart-pounding”, “close-call” games, this one really doesn’t rank very high, on the Global Scale.  But in the lowest Division of the SCDA, #1 ranked “Get F#cked” had to be thinking…“Oh s#it, what if we lose this next Game?”  And the #4 ranked “Weasels” had to be thinking…“O.M.G., what if we win this next Game?”  So now you understand just what was at stake here for these two teams.


            Andre O./Matt H.  vs.  Tom F./Levon G. (Note that Toms’ name is now listed ahead of Levons’, after “pulling the Weasels butt out of the fire” in the last leg, it seemed he deserved at least some, incredibly small token of appreciation).  Moving on… Surely recognizing the aforementioned “gravity” of this final leg, Andre threw a Ton! in his second turn and Matt hit a 97 a while later, giving them a massive 252 point lead.  (Think of the “Star Wars” episode where the Death Star obliterates the beautifully peaceful home planet… you movie buffs get the idea of the anguish you felt).

            But then, this game got “ugly”, REALLY UGLY… 3 turns later, “GF” found themselves in the dreaded “Mad House” (double one Out) where they struggled, like a moth in a spiders’ web.  Meanwhile, Tom hit a 92 as the “Weasels” crept ever closer (“Weasels” do that).  Living up to their teams’ name, “Get F#cked”, did just that when they missed double one for the fourth and final time.  Tom “Save-the-Day” Foligno (I’ll think of a better nickname later) took out the remaining 57 and gave us the one and only “upset” of the Playoffs.  4th Place “Weasels” move on to play in the Finals!

            Now that I’ve sucked you into this never-ending-Highlight recap, I’d like to point out that after nearly 2 pages of verbage, we are only one-twelfth of the way to the end.  So if you’ve been sipping on your favorite beverage whilst (hopefully) being entertained by my “tongue-tied-tale”, you might consider your possible need to relieve yourself.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be blathering on when you get back!  And so, we continue with“C”.

            “C” Division (cont’d)  “Drippin’ 20s” #2  vs. “Them Stooges Be Trippin’ ” #3

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Mike M./Manny V.  vs.  Mauricio C./James P.

            The 501 leg had (2) 95s from Manny, but it was a 121 by Mauricio that kept his team within “striking distance”.  And James “Pit Viper” Pittman did just that, taking the first leg with a 29 Out.  But Mike & Manny (AKA M&M) stayed strong, taking Leg 2 Cricket.  James “struck” again in the 301 leg (get it…his snake nickname…he bit the leg, never mind), winning the cork and getting right in with a 28 On!  When Mike missed the double, Manny had his back and started them with a strong 94 On!  Nice!

            M&M held the point lead, getting to an Out first, but got stuck on D2 for several turns.  Meanwhile, “Them Stooges Be Trippin’ “ all over themselves (did anyone see that one coming?  I’m sorry guys but I couldn’t just leave that one hanging), and eventually they crept into position to steal the game but, like their opponents, they couldn’t find the double either (nor the double they were trying for…get it?  You know, for example, there’s double 8 and double 4 and “double either”…Still No?  Okay, I see the problem, It’s midnight, I’m getting a little “punchy”, I’ve been at this for hours.  I’ll edit this out in the morning when I re-read it and ask myself “WTF”?  Anyway, back to the game.)  Eventually, Manny “THE Man” Vazquez (saved us all from more of my bad jokes and) hit the double 2, putting an end to Game 1.

   Game 2 – 501 Sngls:  Adan G. vs. Larry Z.

            Adan hit a Ton! and followed with an 80 to take a large lead, which took larry a while to overcome…but overcome he did, and took Leg1.  Adan more than made up for that disappointing Leg 1 loss by winning Leg 2, throwing a 140! in Leg 3, and winning Game 2.  Match now at 2-0.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Mike M. vs. Mauricio C.

            Mauricio had all the “flash” in this match up.  He threw a 95 before taking Leg 1, and threw a Ton! to help him win Leg 2 and take Game 3.  Match now at 2-1.

   Game 4 – Cricket Sngls:  Adan G. vs. Mauricio C.

            Things get a little “spicy” in this match-up, with a 4B, (6) 5Ms, a 6M, and not one, but TWO 7Ms!  This is still “C” division, right?  (Suggestion: refill your drink, and empty your “tank” ‘cause this part gets REALLY GOOD!)  Here’s how it happened:

            Adan won the cork and OPENED with a (Hello!) 7M! (T20x2, S16 – he meant to do that) “right out of the gate.”  Wow!  But Mauricio didn’t just come to watch, he came to play, and play he did.  He answered Adans’ 7M with a 5M, and followed that with a solid 3M.  These two battled for the next 7 rounds, with Mauricio trailing.  That is, until he decided it was time for another 5M, giving him a 184-136 point lead, which he never gave back, despite a strong effort by Adan who threw a 5M of his own, followed by a 4M to take a one turn, momentary point lead, which Mauricio promptly took back with not one, not two, but THREE CONSECUTIVE 4Ms, and finished the game a couple turns later.  Wow!  (Give me a “sec” to catch my breath.  Thanks.)  And that was just Leg one!

            Adan won the second cork and started with a 5M on 20s, and followed that with a 4M (T19, S20) taking a 60 point lead.  But Mauricio stayed solid with a 3M on 19s to close, then a 3M on 18 (after Adan had also closed 19s), then a 5M on 17s to score his first points.  (Adan 80-Mauricio 34)  This “slug-fest” calmly continued for 6 rounds until Adan threw his SECOND 7M (T20x2, S20) of the game, to take a 163 point lead!  No more “cat and mouse” for him.  Mauricio was unable to recover from “that” blow, and Leg 2 went to Adan.

            But the “bludgeoning” didn’t stop there… Oooohhh Nooo!  There’s more!  Those two were “going toe-to-toe all 3 rounds”!  Mauricio won the third cork and started with (4) 20s.  They both shot solid until turn 5, when Adan threw a 6M to score his first points and take a large point lead (90-20).  He followed that with a 4M and a T18.  But Mauricio was only “dazed” for one turn.  He shook it off, firing back with (2) 3Ms, a 4M, and a 5M in his next 5 turns, retaking the point lead along the way, now 296-216.

            Adan did throw a 4B (DB, DB) in his effort to come back, but Mauricio answered all efforts and won the game.  A GREAT 3-leg BATTLE!  WOW!  Well done guys!  So now, after 4 games, the match is tied at 2-2.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Manny V. vs. James P.

            “Pit Viper” Pittman threw back-to-back 5Ms on his way to a close but victorious Leg 1 finish.  But Manny is NO mouse and he wasn’t about to let “PVP” eat him for dinner.  So he fights off James’ attempt to dominate Leg 2, gets the point lead in turn 5, and never lets go, taking Leg 2.  He carried that momentum into Leg 3 with a second turn 4M followed by a 5M.  James answered with a 4M but Manny stayed tough and won Game 5.  Match now 3-2.”

   Game 6 – Chicago Dbls:  Mike/Adan  vs.  Mauricio/Larry

            In the 501, Mike helped his team win leg 1 with a 101 and a 4 Out.  They also won Leg 2 Cricket with an Adan T20 start and a Mike T17 along the way.  This put the “Drippin’ 20s” in the finals.  Well done guys!

            “C” Division Third Place Match  “Get F#cked” #1  vs.  “Them Stooges…” #3

            Week 2 of the Playoffs in “C” Division didn’t go quite as planned.  It seems that there was some confusion regarding the need to play for the 3rd place spot that resulted in a forfeit.  So while “Get F#cked” was, well… “f#cked” out of their final match, they will get to hang another trophy on their wall.

            “C” Division FINAL  “Drippin’ 20s” #2  vs. “Weasels” #4

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Mike M./Jennifer S.  vs.  Levon G./ Tom F.

            Levon hit a Ton! in the 501 to help his team, but it wasn’t enough as Mike took the first leg with a 42 Out.  In the Cricket leg, Tom got “feisty” with a 3rd round 4M, Levon followed with his own 4M, and Tom followed that with a 5M (counting as 4).  It looked pretty good for the “Weasels”, except for one thing…Mike had a “secret weapon” and her name is Jennifer!  She threw her first (of two) 4M in this leg, on her first turn!  And her SECOND 4M gave her team the lead which they held to win Game 1.

   Game 2 – 501 Sngls:  Adan G.  vs.  Levon G.

            Adan won the cork, threw an 80, added a 95 and a 125! on the way to his Leg 1 win.  He continued his domination to take Leg 2 as well.  Match now 2-0.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Mike M.  vs.  Tom F.

            Not to be out done, Mike threw a 121! in his Leg 1 win.  In Leg 2, Mike opened with a 95 and never looked back, winning Game 3.  Match now 3-0.

   Game 4 – Cricket Sngls:  Manny V.  vs.  JB Braun

            JB flexed some of his dart “Braun” with a 5M midway through Leg 1.  But it wasn’t enough as Manny stayed tough and took the leg with a 3B (DB, SB) finish.  Manny opened Leg 2 with a 5M, and went on to win the leg, game and match to give the “Drippin’ 20s” the FIRST PLACE TROPHY!  Congratulations to both teams for making it to the Finals

.           “B” DIVISION:  “Calamitous Intent” #1 vs. “Dart Junkies” #4

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Alex G./Nectali R. (“CI”)  vs.  Spero C./Will B. (“DJ”)

            Alex threw the only notable score (111) in Leg 1.  Both teams had 4 turns at a finish, but Nectali got the first leg with an 8 Out.  Leg 2 saw some good shooting early on with a 5M from Nectali and a 6M from Alex, but it wasn’t enough to take the leg.  Will shot (2) 5Ms on the way to a “DJ” second leg win.  The game was tied at 1-1.

            Both teams got right to work in the 3rd leg 301.  Nectali doubled-in with a 55 On, and Spero answered right back with a 65 On.  Alex backed up Nectalis’ start with a Ton! which helped get “CI” to the finish first, and they took Game 1.

   Game 2 – Chicago Dbls:  Alex G./Nectali R.  vs.  Spero C./Will B.

            Nectali opened with a 99, but he and Alex both struggled to put up another solid turn.  Meanwhile, beginning with his 3rd turn, Will “found his stride”, hitting 79, 100, 36, and the 40 Out, to take Leg 1.  Nectali re-focused in the Cricket leg, winning the cork and opening with a nice 5M (T20, S20, S19) to keep “CI” solidly in the lead, and ultimately winning Leg 2.  Nectali continued to stay tough into the 301 leg.  He doubled-in on his first turn, followed it with a Ton!, and 2 turns later, hit the 20 Out!  Match now at 2-0.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Nectali R.  vs.  TJ Jones

            Leg 1 went rather “quietly” to TJ.  Leg 2 however, was a little “louder”, with a Nectali Ton!  But TJ made even more “noise” with his 120 Open, a 132, and 40 Out, to take the 3rd game.  Match now 2-1.

   Game 4 – 501 Sngls:  Alex G.  vs.  Spero C.

            Alex “should have won” this one with his 117 to take a 100 point lead, but he ultimately left himself on a 9 out, which proved to be his “kryptonite”, as Spero stayed solid and took the Out.  Leg 2 had the same result.  Match now tied at 2-2.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Nectali R.  vs.  Spero C.

            Nectali opened with a 5M (T20, S19x2).  But a few turns later, it was Spero who scored first with a 4M on the 18s.  He held the point lead (with the help of his own 5M on the 16s a few turns later) until about three-quarters of the way through the leg.  That’s when Nectali threw back-to-back 4Ms on the 19s, taking the lead at 463-346.

            Nectali struggled to hit bulls, which ultimately cost him the leg.  Spero closed out 19s and got the point lead back on bulls to win Leg 1.  Spero out threw his opponent in Leg 2 with 4 triples (2 = 5Ms) and took Game 5.  Match now 2-3 “Dart Junkies”.

   Game 6 – Cricket Sngls:  Alex G.  vs.  Will B.

            Alex had a slow start, allowing Will to take an early point lead, which he never gave up.  Leg 2 started the same way, except this time, Alex was able to take the point lead away from Will about two-thirds of the way through.  Like Will had done in Leg 1, Alex never allowed Will to take it back, tying the score at 1-1.

            Alex apparently learned the importance of maintaining a point lead in Cricket.  He began with a 5M, but no score.  In turn 3, Will “popped the score cherry” with 17 points, but Alex hit a 20 to take the point lead back, and again, never let go.  The match was once again tied, now at 3-3.

   Game 7 – 501 Dbls:  Alex/Nectali  vs.  Spero/TJ

            Good solid darts in Leg 1, and a Nectali Ton! in Leg 2 was enough for “CI” to take Game 7.  The match was now at 4-3.  If “DJ” wanted to keep their first place hopes alive, they had to win Game 8.

   Game 8 – Cricket Dbls:  Nectali/Alex  vs.  Spero/Will

            Nectali and Alex were the first to score and they held the lead to win Leg 1.  Spero won the cork in Leg 2 and opened strong with a 4M on 20s.  Nectali answered with 4-19s, keeping the score close.  Nectali threw a 5M in his second turn, but Will negated it with a 5M of his own, followed immediately by a 5M from his teammate, Spero.  A few turns later it was Alexs’ turn to “light up the scoreboard” with a 6M, resulting in a close score of 298-312.

            The scores stayed within one-mark of each other through the rest of the second half, but Nectali apparently decided that it was time to put an end to this match.  He stepped to the line, needing 4 bulls to win… a fairly “tall order” for most.  But this is Nectali Rivera we’re talking about.  He has thrown a number of impressive turns this season.  What’s one more?… In playoffs no less?  So the drama builds as he lets loose his first dart… Double Bull!, 2nd dart… Single Bull!, third dart for the win… wait for it… ANOTHER DOUBLE BULL… WOW!  A very impressive 5B to win the leg, game and match, sending “Calamitous Intent” on to play in the finals.  Well done guys!

            “B” Division (cont’d)  “Valley Boyz” #2  vs. “Garage Peeps” #3

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Anthony R./Telo R.  vs.  Dimples R./Randel S.

            The 501 leg was unremarkable except for Dimples’ 95 after which, Telo tossed a Ton! (that has a ring to it!).  Anthony finished an 8 and it was on to Leg 2 Cricket.  Telo played to win in this leg, throwing (3) 5Ms, two of which were back-to-back!  But it wasn’t enough.  Dimples threw back-to-back 4Ms on turns 2 & 3.  And a few turns later, Randel threw a 5M, followed by another Dimples 4M, and a Randel 4M.  The “…Peeps” won the leg, tying the score at 1-1.

            In the 301 leg, the “…Boyz” had double trouble, unable to get “On” until Round 8.  Meanwhile, Randel doubled-on in his first turn, and followed with a Ton!  The “Peeps” were throwing at an Out before the “Boyz” even got started.  But when Telo tossed a Ton (I just love saying that) to leave 61, Dimples hit the 4 Out to take Game 1.

   Game 2 – Chicago Dbls:  Anthony/Telo  vs.  Dimples/Randel

            Apparently, losing Game 1 didn’t sit well with Anthony.  He turned into a “one-man-wrecking crew”, absolutely crushing Leg 1:  He won the cork, opened with 101!, and followed that with a Ton!  Then Telo tossed a Ton! two turns later (the “T” words just keep coming), and Anthony took out the remaining 111! (that’s 3 Tons or better in just one leg of 501 for Anthony, and one of them was the Out!… WOW!).  He averaged 85.5 over 4 turns.  As a team, they shot a 71 ave.  Good darts guys!

            In Leg 2, Randel shot back-to-back-to-back: 4M, 4M, 5M but it wasn’t enough! (what?).  Anthony threw a 6M his second turn, followed by a peppering of 4Ms and a Telo DB, SB finish.  The match was tied at 1-1.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Anthony  vs.  Randel

            This game had a peppering of good scores.  Anthony shot a 95 in Leg 1, but Randel had already shot a Ton! and he got to an Out first, taking Leg 1.  Anthony began Leg 2 with a 121, but Randel answered it a few turns later with a 125! (take that!).  But, Anthony got to the Out first this time and took Leg 2 (back atcha!).  Randel stayed tough, throwing a back-to-back 140!, then a 94 in turns 2 & 3, to help take Game 3, now 1-2.

   Game 4 – 501 Sngls:  Telo  vs.  Dimples

            It took Telo time to toss a Ton! (I’m really getting the hang of this “T” thing!), but it was too little, too late (more “T”s).  Dimples had already thrown two Tons! of her own, and took the Out and Leg 1.  The loss didn’t sit well with Telo (he is a Romero after all), and so, he too, brought out the “Big Guns” to ensure a win in Leg 2.  He threw back-to-back 140! & Ton! to take a 155 point lead.  Dimples whittled that lead down to 40 with a 121!, but it wasn’t enough.  Telo took the leg a few turns later.

            As Anthony had done earlier, Telo decided to start Leg 3 with a “BANG” (and a “T” tongue twister – ready?, here we go…).  Telo tossed a Ton-“4T”(140) to try to take leg “tree” (okay, a bit of a “T” stretch).  But Dimples was the polite one this time, waiting until her next to last turn to throw 119 to leave 32, which she took when Telo missed his 24 (heart-breaker).  Really good darts by both players!  Match now at 1-3.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Anthony R.  vs  Anthony G.

            This “Battle of the Anthonys” didn’t quite live up to the promoters’ hype, but there were quite a few good turns thrown.  Romero hit a 5M and 6M to help win Leg 1.  Garcia scraped up a 5M in Leg 2, but it wasn’t enough to offset Romeros’ (2) 5Ms and a DB, SB finish to take Game 5.  Match now 2-3.

   Game 6 – Cricket Sngls:  Telo  vs.  Randel

            Randel threw (2) 4Ms and a 5M but it wasn’t enough to overcome Telos’ (2) 4Ms and a 6M.  Telo finished with DB, SB and it was on to Leg 2.  Randel shot fairly steady, starting with (3) 20s to close behind Telos’ T20 start.  He followed by closing 19s, then “lowered the boom” on Telo with a 5M, and peppered in (3) 4Ms to win Leg 2.

            Telo woke up from his “sleepy” second leg, and did what a “Romero” would do after a tough loss:  win the cork and come out swinging!  He started with (4) 20s, followed that with T19, S20, and a couple turns later threw a 5M.  But Randel wasn’t sleeping.  He answered Telos’ 5M with a 7M! (on 16s) to take the point lead.  This rocked Telo, causing him to miss on his next turn.  So Randel did what any good player would do when behind, BLAST him again with a 4M!

            The score was now Telo 76, Randel 97.  But Telo shook it off and got back to work, tossing his own 7M! to take an 87 point lead (216-129).  Randel threw another 5M a few turns later, but it wasn’t enough and Telo took Game 6, tying the match at 3-3!

   Game 7 – 501 Dbls:  Anthony/Telo  vs.  Dimples/Randel

            Randel shot a Ton! and followed it with a 95.  But it wasn’t enough.  The “Romeros” shot steady, added a Telo 140!, and he took out 54 on his next turn.  The “Boyz” also took Leg 2, aided by a Telo Ton!  The “Valley Boyz” were now up 4-3.

   Game 8 – Cricket Dbls:  Antony/Telo  vs.  Dimples/Randel

            The “Peeps” didn’t make a “peep” as they quietly took Leg 1.  Leg 2 was a bit more “noisy” with Randel hitting (2) 5Ms and Dimples’ DB, SB turn.  But the Romeros prevailed by throwing a 6M EACH! to take Leg 2.  Trying to end it here, Telo threw (2) 5Ms, but Randel and Dimples stayed steady, peppering in some 4Ms, and took Game 8!  The match was tied at 4-4, so both teams were in a “do-or-die” situation, to have a shot at first place.

   Game 9 – Chicago Team Game:  Anthony MARGOLIS/Telo  vs.  Dimples/Randel

            Telo shot back-to-back Tons! in the 501 leg, but it wasn’t enough!  The “Boyz” just couldn’t find the Out.  Randel tossed a 97 and a few turns later, Dimples took out 51 to win Leg 1.  Margolis opened Leg 2 Cricket with (4) 20s and they kept the point lead, and won Leg 2, tying the Final Game at 1-1.

            In the 301, final leg, Margolis doubled on with a 72, while the “Peeps” struggled for 4 turns.  Margolis hit the 10 Out and the “Valley Boyz” move on to the Finals!

            “B” Division Third Place Match  “Garage Peeps”  vs  “Dart Junkies”

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Anthony G./Nunie O.  vs.  Spero C./Will B.

            Anthony threw a late-round Ton!, but it wasn’t enough to offset Speros’ opening Ton! and a Will 105 a little while later.  Spero took the Out in Leg 1, and Will and Spero took Leg 2 as well.

   Game 2 – Chicago Dbls:  Anthony G./Nunie O.  vs.  Spero C./Will B.

            Anthony threw a 140!, helping his team to victory in Leg 1.  Spero threw a 5M in Leg 2, but it wasn’t enough.  Anthony answered with his own 5M and won the game.  Match tied at 1-1.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Anthony G.  vs.  Spero C.

            On his second turn, “Tony” tossed a Ton-Twenty-“Tree” to take (here we go again with the “T”s) a 100 point lead, but it wasn’t enough.  Spero answered with a 95 a couple turns later, and shortly after, added another Ton!  Tony got to an Out ahead of Spero, but was unable to finish before Spero took his remaining 40 and Leg 1.

            Tony followed Speros’ first Ton! in Leg 2, with a Ton! of his own, but Spero was “on a mission”, opening with: 85, 100, 80, 78, 100 and finishing the game in 20 darts, with a 75 average!  Pretty good shooting!

   Game 4 – 501 Sngls:  Nunie O.  vs.  TJ Jones

            A more “subdued” game, except for the 120! and 95 by TJ in Leg 2, which he lost, as both struggled to finish – AKA “Double Trouble”.  But TJ shot steady in Leg 3 to take the game.  Match now at 1-3.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Anthony G.  vs.  Spero C.

            Anthony threw a 5M to help him take Leg 1.  Spero won the second cork but started “soft”.  So what does Anthony do?  He smashes all hopes of a Spero comeback, by throwing a NINE MARK! (T20 x3) and takes Game 5.  The Match is now at 2-3.

   Game 6 – Cricket Sngls:  Nunie O.  vs.  Will B.

            Nunie took Leg 1 and tried to end the game in Leg 2 with (2) 5Ms, but Will hung tough with a peppering of triples and a dramatic DB, DB finish, to tie the game at 1-1.  Will hit a 5M in his effort to take Leg 3, but Nunie caught up with him about mid-way and never relinquished the point lead, tying the match at 3-3.

   Game 7 – 501 Dbls:  Anthony/Nunie  vs.  Spero/TJ

            When Spero threw a 95, Nunie answered right back with a 121, and took out 40 on his next turn!  TJ and Spero stepped up their game to open Leg 2, with an 81 and 100 respectively.  But, unable to keep up the solid scoring, they allowed Anthony and Nunie to catch up and eventually win the game.  Match now 4-3.

   Game 8 – Cricket Dbls:  Anthony/Nunie  vs.  Spero/Will

            Will came “off the bench” fresh and tossed a 5M his second turn.  Spero backed that up with a 4M and a 5M of his own a few turns later, so it appeared they were going to walk away with Leg 1.  But the “Peeps” whittled away at the 115 point lead, aided by a Nunie 4B (DB, DB) to steal the Leg!

            Once again, Will started out strong with (2) 4Ms and another 5M in the first half, but Nunie and Anthony threw some 4Ms of their own, keeping close in points.  The “Peeps” bested the “DJs” on the bulls, again, to take the leg, game, match AND the Third Place Trophy!  Well done “Peeps”!

            “B” Division FINAL  “Calamitous Intent” #1  vs.  “Valley Boyz” #2

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Alex G./Nectali R.  vs.  Anthony R./Telo R.

            Alex and Nectali quietly took Leg 1, 501.  In Leg 2, Telo threw a 5M. but it wasn’t enough as both Nectali and Alex did the same on the way to winning Game 1.

   Game 2 – Chicago Dbls:  Alex/Nectali  vs.  Anthony/Telo

            Another quiet game until Anthony hit an 89 Out! to take Leg 1.  Telo “upped” his game in Leg 2, trying to end it in 2 legs.  He threw (2) 5Ms, but Alexs’ 5M, coupled with some solid darts that kept them close on points, ultimately won the leg, forcing the 301 tie-breaker.  Nectali doubled-in on his first turn and Telo got On right behind him.  Nectali and Alex got to a finish first, but struggled to end it.  And so it was Telo who found the double first, tying the match at 1-1.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Nectali vs. Telo

            Up to this point, things had been a little on the “sleepy” side of excitement.  So Nectali whips out a bottle of “Devils’ Breath” Habanero sauce (with ghost peppers) to spice things up!  Not really… But he did throw a “ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY”! (yelled with a British accent) in round 2.

            Telo politely waited a turn before responding with a Ton!, followed immediately by a… “ONE HUNDRED AND FOOOEERTY”! (yelled in that British accent again).  The leg score now close at N 152 – T 154.  Nectali threw a 60 to leave 92, Telo 43 to leave 111, and he doesn’t get a shot at it ‘cause… Nectali finishes the 92!

            Nectali opened the second leg with a “ONE HUNDRED AND FOOOEERTY”!, but Telo politely saves his “ONE HUNDRED AND FOOOEERTY”! until the end of the leg, AND… takes the 32 Out to tie the game!

            Leg 3 was almost a photo copy of Leg 2 with a couple KEY exceptions:  Nectali “only” hit a Ton! in his second turn, and Telo “only” hit a 127 in his last (yes last) turn, to leave 32 (unfortunately, Telo had left himself on 159, the smallest 4-dart finish, the turn before, otherwise, this game might have had a different, more spectacular conclusion).  No matter, Nectali took-out his 34.

            To recap this game, Nectali threw a 180, 140 and a 92 Out.  And Telo threw two 140s and a 127.  Wow!  Good shooting guys!  Match score 2-1.

   Game 4 – 501 Sngls:  Alex vs. Anthony

            Anthony seemed determined to even up the match score as he “dispatched” Alex with a steady barrage of triples, averaging 75! & 65 in his two legs.  He only threw one Ton!, but impressively hit both his Outs (43 & 36) in his first turn at them.  Match 2-2.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Alex vs. Telo

            Telo was the first to toss a 5M, but Alex followed with TWO 5Ms, helping him to win Leg 1.  Leg 2 didn’t have the “5M flash” but the result was the same.  “CI” up 3-2.

   Game 6 – Cricket Sngls:  Nectali vs. Anthony

            Sorry Anthony, but Nectali simply “owned” this game.  He shot 2 unanswered 5Ms on his way to winning Leg 1, and a 5M, back-to-back 6M and 3B (DB, SB) to win the game in 2 legs.  Match now 4-2.

   Game 7 – 501 Dbls:  Alex/Nectali  vs. Anthony/Telo

            Nectali shot a Ton! his FIRST turn, followed by an Alex 85 and a Nectali 81 (that’s an 88 ave.), but it wasn’t enough to get Leg 1.  Anthony hit his own Ton! on his second turn, Telo hit a 98 a couple turns later, and despite “CIs” 3 turns at a finish, it was Anthony who found the Out first.

            Nectali STARTED the second leg with a Ton! (AGAIN), but this time the outcome was different.  Both teams got to an Out at the same time since Telo shot a Ton! as well, but it was Alex who took the Out first.  Game tied at 1-1.

            So guess what Nectali did to START the 3rd leg tie-breaker?  Go ahead, guess… Duuuhhh!  He STARTED with a Ton!  That’s a 100 START in all 3 legs!  Not bad.  Unfortunately, Anthony answered with a 125 (Ha-haaa!  Take that!) and they were off to the races.  The scores remained close all the way to the end, but it was… wait for it… Nectali! who hit the Out, earning “Calamitous Intent” the FIRST PLACE TROPHY!

            Congratulations to the “Vallley Boyz” for putting up a great fight and earning a respectable Second Place Trophy!  Well done! to both teams.

            “A” DIVISION:  “Shanghai Knights” #1 vs. “Smooke and Mirrors” #4

            This match went as one would expect a First Place vs. Fourth Place match to go, with “Shanghai” getting to 5 wins first (5-1), but it was that “one” “S&M” win in Game 3 that’s worth mentioning (sorry Don).

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Matt S./Don B. vs. Mark A./Angie R.

            To give a little perspective to the match, Mark and Angie brought some steady darts to take the opening 501 leg, with Marks’ 140 and Angies’ 32 Out.  The Cricket leg started with them in the lead as well, all the way until the ninth round (Matt hit a 7th round 5M, followed by a 4M his next turn) when M&D took and kept the lead, tying the Game at 1-1.  Mark and Angie struggled to get started in the 301, giving M&D a head start with a Matt 140, first Game to “Shanghai”.

            Game 2 had the same result, but there were some fireworks along the way:

   Game 2 – Chicago Dbls:  Matt/Don vs. Mark/Ken G.

            Mark won the cork and threw 2 Tons! along the way, but Matt did what Matt does, and opened with a Ton!, followed by “ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY”!, then Dons’ 140, and Matt finished the 15-darter with a 40 Out and a 100 average!  Wow!

            In Leg 2, Mark threw a timely 6M & 7M, but it wasn’t enough to offset M&Ds back-to-back 5M opener, another Matt 5M and a game ending Matt 3B.  Match at 2-0.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Don vs. Mark

            Remember Dons’ 160 Out vs Mark the week before Playoffs?  Well, Don lost that Game, and now it was time to “even the score”.  Unfortunately, the big build-up was not followed by the anticipated “slug-fest” we might hope for.  Don was definitely having an “off-night”, only throwing one 140 in the 2 legs.

            Meanwhile, Mark kept his win-streak vs. Don alive with a 140, 105, and 30 Out in his 19-dart Leg 1 win.  And 95, 140, 48 Out in his 20-dart Leg 2 win.  Mark threw very respectable 79 & 75 averages.  The rest of the match was peppered with Low-Tons and 5Ms, and a 7M each by Matt and Mark.  “Shanghai Knights” move on to the Finals!

            “A” Division (cont’d.)  “MacKrakens” #2 vs. “Robins’ Archers” #3

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Arnold S./Jake C.  vs.  Bill L./Milan S.

            Milan threw a 138 in Leg 1, 501, but it wasn’t enough to beat TWO Tons! by Jake and an Arnold 36 Out.  Leg 2 Cricket had the same result when Arnold opened with a 7M (T20, S20, T19) followed by a Jake 5M (T18, 2×17).  Match 1-0.

   Game 2 – Chicago Dbls:  Arnold/Jake vs. Bill/Milan

            Game 2 went the same way, despite a Ton! in 501, and (2) 5Ms in Cricket by Milan.  Arnold opened 501 with 95 and 100 which was followed by Jakes’ 140, putting Bill and Milan well behind, never to recover.  Match 2-0.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  David L. vs. Bill L.

            This game looked promising for the “Archers” when Bill took Leg 1 with a 121 and a 74 Out.  Bill and David each threw a Ton! in Leg 2, but it was David who prevailed when he finished a 58.  They each tossed a Ton! in Leg 3 as well, but this time it was Bill who took the Out.  Match 2-1

   Game 4 – 501 Sngls:  Arnold vs. Milan

            Arnold shot well against Milan, hitting 95, 97, and (3) Tons! on his way to winning the game.  Match 3-1.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Jake vs. Bill

            Both players had a “quiet” Leg 1, with Jake getting the win.  In Leg 2, Bill “woke up” a bit, throwing a 7M his 2nd turn and a 4B and 3B to help him win the leg.  But apparently, Bill had hit the “snooze button” and drifted back to dream-land, letting Jake hit all of the highlights in Leg 3.  Jake put Bill “to bed” with a 5M and back-to-back 7Ms! on his way to winning Game 5.  Match 4-1.

   Game 6 – Cricket Sngls:  Edgar M.  vs.  Curtis P.

            “Captain Curtis” had been sitting out with a bad right ankle (yep, the one I stand on while throwing…ouch!), but sensing impending doom for his team, he stepped up to “right his sinking ship”.  Edgar started Leg 1 “with a bang”, opening with a 7M (T20, T20,S20), but followed with a -0-, which usually is not a good thing.  It took the old “Captain” a few turns to get his “sea legs” under him, but once he did…

            Both Edgar and Curtis had thrown a couple 4Ms each in the first 7 rounds, but Edgar still had a strong lead of 220-166.  The “Captain” looked up to see some dark clouds gathering overhead.  He turned his ship parallel to his opponents’ and emptied all guns in a “broadside” NINE MARK! of T17 to close, T17 to close the point gap (now 217-220), and T20 to close and “stop the bleeding”.

            Reeling from the blow, Edgar was unable to close 17.  So the “Captain” reloaded and “let him have it” again (nearly hitting back-to-back nine-marks) with another T17 (to take the point lead at 268-220), T16 to close, and (“wired” the T15) S15.  Four turns later the “Captain” finished him off with a DB, SB.  Pretty good shooting!

            Leg 2 didn’t have the “wow” factor of Leg 1, but Edgar did find a 5M, and Curtis another (almost 9M) 7M, with the “Captain” taking the leg and Game 6, to give some hope to his team.  Match now at 4-2.

   Game 7 – 501 Dbls:  Arnold/Jake vs. Bill/Curtis

            Arnold opened with 121, and Jake followed a couple turns later with 140.  Their 68 average was enough to take Leg 1.  Arnold won the cork in Leg 2, and opened with a Ton!  Bill answered with, not one, not two, but THREE BACK TO BACK 95s!  Unfortunately, his Captains’ ankle had seen enough action for one night, figuratively “yelling painful obscenities” which are best not repeated here.

            Unable to do enough to aid the valiant efforts of his teammate, the Archers’ “ship” was lost, destined for yet another disappointing 3rd place season.  (We may have to trade team names with Will Brunsons’ “Dirty Third”.)  And so “MacKrakens” move on to play in the Finals… Congratulations gentlemen, well done!

            “A” Division Third Place  “Robins’ Archers” #3  vs. “Smooke & Mirrors” #4

            This was the closest “battle” of the “A” Division playoff series, going all 9 games and resulting in a 5-4 final score.  It all started in Game 1 Chicago Dbls., with Milan throwing a 95, followed by his 110 Out! in his last two turns of Leg 1.

            The second leg was ALL Bill as he OPENED with a 5M (T20, S20, S19), followed with ANOTHER 5M (S18x2 to close, T17 to close), followed by his THIRD CONSECUTIVE 5M (D16 to close, T15 to close), followed immediately by Milans’ DB, SB to end the game in 17 darts!  Bill threw (3) 5Ms in a row for a 5.0 average!  WOW!

            Game 2 Chicago went to “S&M” with a Mark A. 125 in the 501, and a 7M in Cricket.  Match now tied at 1-1.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Bill vs. Mark

            Mark threw “solid” darts, including a 140, in his 20-dart first leg win.  Bill tossed a 97 to help him win Leg 2.  Apparently Mark was saving himself for Leg 3.  He blew right past Bill and never looked back, with: 81, 125, 100, 49, 100, 46 Out!  Pretty good shooting in his 18 dart 3rd leg win.  Match now 1-2.

   Game 4—501 Sngls:  Milan vs. Ken G.

            Milan opened with a “message sending” 133.  He tossed a 95 two turns later, but couldn’t find the double to finish, allowing Ken to “steal” Leg 1.  That kind of loss typically doesn’t “sit well” with most “A” players, so Milan shot steady and didn’t mess around with the next Out, taking Leg 2.  Leg 3 went about the same way, with Milan taking his team to a 2-2 tie.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Bill vs. Mark

            Mark won the 1st leg with a 5M while Bill “slept”.  Bill woke up a bit in Leg 2 with a 5M & 6M, but Mark began the leg with a 5M (T20, S20x2), added another 5M, 4M, 4M, 7M and DB, SB to finish the leg and win Game 5.  Match now 2-3.

   Game 6 – Cricket Sngls:  Milan vs. Ken

            Milan likes to “send a message” with his darts, and so I will dub him “the mailman” (“Mailman Milan”… has a nice ring to it!), and here’s why:  After winning the cork (key in “A” division darts – especially in Cricket), the “Mailman” sent an opening 7M message of T20, T20, S19.  A few turns later he delivered another “letter” containing a 5M.  He maintained the point lead in all but one round to take Leg 1.

            In Leg 2, after winning the cork again, the “Mailman” opened with a 5M, then a 4M, 3M, 6M!  Very steady shooting, on his way to win Game 6.  Match now tied at 3-3.

   Game 7 – 501 Dbls:  Bill/Milan  vs.  Mark/Ken

            Mark had some “messages” of his own to send.  After winning the cork, he opened with a Ton! and threw another Ton! a few turns later.  Milan tossed a Ton! as well, but it wasn’t enough as Ken finished on 32, taking Leg 1.  Leg 2 looked like a photocopy of Leg 1, with only one variation… the outcome!

            Once again, Mark had won the cork and, once again, he opened with a Ton!  Ken backed him up with a Ton! of his own and it appeared they had everything under control.  They led comfortably the whole way, but Bill and Milan stayed steady and kept Mark and Ken within reach.

            When Ken missed the 40 Out leaving 5, Milan seized the opportunity to finish 77, but just missed, leaving 20.  Mark took his turn at the not-so-desireable 5 Out and busted.  So Bill moseyed up to the line and took Leg 2.

            It seems Bill was saving his energy for Leg 3.  He started with an 85, then a 60, 87 AND an 87 Out!  Overall, Bill and Milans’ averages started at a (yaaaawn) 50 in Leg 1, climbed to a decent 60 in Leg 2, and peaked at just the right time in Leg 3 at 71.6!  The “Archers” now lead the match at 4-3.

   Game 8 – Cricket Dbls:  Bill/Curtis P.  vs.  Mark/Ken

            Bill and Curtis put up a good fight in Leg 1 with (2) 5Ms from Bill and a 5M from Curtis, but it was not enough.  Mark had his “game face” back on after a tough loss in Game 7.  He opened with a 5M, hit another a few turns later, followed immediately by a 7M! and wrapped up Leg 1 with DB, SB.  He tossed another 5M in Leg 2, and despite a last-ditch-effort by Bill with a 4B, Mark and Ken took Game 8, tying the match at 4-4.  We were all “getting our monies-worth” in this back-and-forth “brawl”.

   Game 9 – Chicago Team Game (“for all the marbles”)  “Archers” vs. “S&M”

            Mark won the cork (again) as he had done most of the night (f#cker… JK), and started out with a strong 125 and followed that a couple turns later with a Ton!  Meanwhile, Milan responded with a 95 and two turns later a Ton! of his own to keep the “Archers” in the game, but it wasn’t enough.  Ken took out 5 (they could have used that in Game 7) to put “S&M” up 1-0 in this final Chicago team-game.

            Yeeesss…, Mark won the cork AGAIN (bastard) but opened the Cricket leg “light”, only getting two 20s.  Bill seized the opportunity and answered with T20, S20.  Curtis backed him up with a 5M on 19s, Milan closed 18s, and Bill put a “nail in the coffin” with a 7M! (T17 to close, T16 to close, S15).  The “Archers” cleaned up the “crumbs” and it was on to Leg 3, 301, “winner-take-all”… well… okay, 3rd place.

            Now, as I have been pointing out, Mark was winning “all” of his corks, except this one (da-da-daaaaa…)… A bad omen?  Bill starts but misses the double-on.  Mark then misses getting on, but not “Captain Curtis”.  He finds his “go-to” D18 and adds 20 more points to open with a 56 ON.  Kudos to Ken for following with an “S&M” 28 ON, and were off to the races.  Milan tosses a Ton!, and a couple turns later, Mark hits a 95 to keep it close at 76-101.

            Milan leaves Bill on 51, but then… wait for it… Ken hits the desired T17 with his first dart (for the set up on the 101 Out) as the drama builds, goes for the DB finish… but misses, and sadly, BUSTS the set up!  So Bill hits a S19 to leave his preferred 32, and… grabs the 13th consecutive, 3rd Place trophy for “Robins’ Archers”!

            “Hats off” to “Smooke and Mirrors” for making it to the playoffs and for putting up a great fight all the way through.  Now for the last match in this epic saga of our Summer 2019 season.

            “A” Division FINAL  “Shanghai Knights” #1  vs.  “MacKrakens” #2

   Game 1 – Chicago Dbls:  Matt S./Don B.  vs.  Arnold S./Jake C.

            So things started off in a rather typical “A” division fashion, with (4) Tons and a 140, all in the FIRST FOUR turns!  Matt & Don, of the “Shanghai Knights”, have been the “top dogs” in the SCDA for several seasons now, and so they began the leg as one would expect from players of their caliber, Matt–Ton!, Don–Ton!, Matt–Ton!.  However, their opponents didn’t get to the FINALS of our “Playoffs” out of sheer luck, and so Arnold threw a 140 in turn 3, and Jake backed him up with a turn-4 Ton!  That’s what I call “starting off with a BANG”!

            Unfortunately for Jake and Arnold, their efforts were not enough.  Matt finished with the 19th dart and a team average of 79!  The Cricket leg also went to Matt and Don.

   Game 2 – Chicago Dbls:  Matt/Don vs. David L./Edgar M.

            Matt & Don were victorious in this game as well, despite a strong effort from Edgar with a Ton! & 140! In the 501 leg.

   Game 3 – 501 Sngls:  Don vs. Jake

            Don got Leg 1 with back-to-back 95s and a 68 average.  Jake took Leg 2 with a Ton! and a 72 Out.  But “Chef Don” cooked up a “ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!” to start Leg 3, and a Ton! two turns later to take the leg, averaging 68 again.  Match at 3-0.

   Game 4 – 501 Sngls:  Matt vs. Arnold

            Matt took the first leg, leaving Arnold on 16.  Arnold began the second leg with 96 & 121, while Matt started with a 140, trailing Arnold all the way down to 54-52.  When Arnold missed his 52 finish, Matt “thanked” him with the 54 Out and a 17-dart, 88 average!  Not bad!  Match 4-0.

   Game 5 – Cricket Sngls:  Matt vs. Arnold

            With “their backs against the wall”, Arnold took on Matt once again.  Matt tossed a 7M & 5M to take Leg 1, and so it “looked” like it was going to be another Smooke win, but Arnold had other intentions.  While Leg 1 only took 24 darts to complete, Leg 2 was a “slug-fest” of 50 darts.  Matt threw (3) 5Ms in his effort to overcome Arnold, but Arnold stayed solid with (2) 5Ms, a 6M and a 7M to take Leg 2 and tie the game at 1-1.

            So Matt did what Matt does, and in Leg 3 he threw (2) 5Ms and (2) 7Ms, but that was NOT ENOUGH! (What!)  Arnold turned into some kind of “Tasmanian (dart) Devil” (some of you may remember the “Bugs Bunny” cartoons with the “Taz”, well that was Arnold this leg).  Arnold “Taz” Soliven lost the cork but not his determination to win.  Here’s the 55-dart “blow-by-blow” (you may want to refill your beverage!).

            Matt won the cork and closed 20.  Arnold answered with T19, S19 to score “first-blood”.  Matt wasn’t having any of what Arnold was serving and replied with (7) 20s.  The “Taz” responded with (his first of 3) a 6M on 19s, score: M 140, A 133.  Matt tossed 4 more 20s, and “Taz” “raised” Matt with (7) 19s!  WOW!  But wait!  It gets BETTER!!!

            Matt’s now behind 220-266, so it’s back to the “20 well” for more points, hitting a Ton!, and after a soft answer from Arnold, the score is now M 320 – A 285 and all is well.  The next couple turns were on the softer side for both players as they took a little “breather” following the opening exchanges.

            Matt “faned-the-flames” a bit with a 5M that kept him in the point lead and closed the “thorn-in-his-side” 19s (20×2, T19).  The score after round 6 = M 380, A 342.  Matt started turn 7 by increasing his point lead to 400-342, but apparently he “snapped a twig” in the process, and the “Taz” woke up from his nap.  (Uh ohh!)

            In the distance, all Matt could see was a spinning whirlwind of leaves and debris heading his way, and you’re thinking “this can’t be good”.  Sure enough, the “Taz” 5Ms the 18s to take the point lead at M 400, A 414, then follows that with (6) 18s and follows that with (7) 18s!  AND follows that with 6 more 18s!!! (that’s 5M, 6M, 7M, 6M, back-to-back-to-back-to-back!  WWOOOWW!!!)

            Now Matt doesn’t take this sort of thing lying down.  He’s seen it before, so he stays within striking distance, answering Arnolds’ 7M on 18s, with his own 7M on 20s.  A couple turns later, Matt wrestles the point lead away from Arnold at 760-756 and holds it by a narrow margin for the next several turns.

            The play slows to a “simmer”, with Arnold eventually closing 20s in his last 5M (S20, T15, S15), but he’s still behind in points at 840-836.  Matt closes 15s as well, and now it’s a bull race, with Matt needing 3 and Arnold 4.  Arnold gets one and Matt gets… zero (what?) – a fatal “whoops”, at the worst time!  But Arnold only hit 2 of the 3 he needed, so Matt still has a chance… but… he only gets one!  And Arnold wins the “Battle of the Night!”

            To summarize that 55-dart leg:  Matt hit (2) 5M & (2) 7M, meanwhile, Arnold hit (2) 5M, (3) 6M, and (2) 7M!  Wow!  Their 3-leg summary:  Matt (6) 5M and (3) 7M, Arnold (5) 5M, (4) 6M, and (3) 7M!  WOW!  GREAT DARTS guys!!!  LOL  After all those fireworks, I almost forgot… there’s still another leg to recap:

   Game 6 – Cricket Sngls:  Don vs. Jake

            Both shot good darts in Leg 1 with Jake hitting (2) 5Ms and a 7M.  But Don took the first leg with a 5M and (2) 7Ms.  He repeated his 5M & (2) 7Ms in Leg 2 to win the game and the match.  Chalk-up another “A” FIRST PLACE for the “Shanghai Knights”.  Well done guys!  And congratulations to “MacKrakens” for a well-played season and a very respectable Second Place Trophy!

            The Highlight scores for both weeks of Playoffs are as follows:  Nectali Rivera threw a 5B (technically not an actual “highlight” but worthy of the “honorable mention”) and was one of three who shot a “180”, with Matt Smooke and Don Boon (pretty good company).  An R9 each was shot by Anthony Garcia and Curtis Pierpont.

            The Trophy Results for the Summer 2019 season are as follows:

“A” Division:  1st “Shanghai Knights”, 2nd “MacKrakens”, 3rd “Robins’ Archers”

“B” Division:  1st “Calamitous Intent:, 2nd “Valley Boyz”, 3rd “Garage Peeps”

“C” Division:  1st “Drippin’ 20s”, 2nd “Weasels”, 3rd “Get F#cked”

            Seven weeks and 15 pages later, you have finally arrived at the conclusion of the Summer Season report.  I apologize (again) for the extreme tardiness of this recap, and hope you found the GREAT DARTS and mild humor worth the wait.

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA


  •             When I began this report, our Board of Directors had shrunk down to 4 (from the necessary 7).  I’m pleased to announce that we have had two other League members step up to fill a couple of the vacated seats.
  •             One is Tiffany Walker, announced at our Captains’ Meeting, and the other more recent addition, Anthony Romero.  We are also very grateful to have one of our former Board Members, Tom Clark return to help as well.  Being an Administrator of this League is a thankless, volunteer job.  Please thank your Board Members for their service when you see them, and buy them a beer if they look thirsty!
  •             SECOND  NOTICE!!!  The Mid-season Party we all look forward to is on Monday, October 28.  YOU MUST SIGN-UP ON THE SCDA WEBSITE BY 10/21 TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN THE TOURNAMENT !!!  Please do it now if you have not done so already.  You will find the link to the sign-up page under the “Upcoming Events” heading.
  •             PLEASE  NOTE:  The Mid-Season Tournament is only available to current and recent season (Summer 2019) SCDA League Members!  If you haven’t paid your League dues, this is a REALLY good reason to pay them NOW!  And if you need a little financial incentive, we are pleased to announce that the prize money awarded at the end of this FREE tournament has been DOUBLED!  Through generous donations, the prize pool is now $400.
  •             Tournament Payout Structure:  (Former payouts were 1st through 3rd)                     1st $160,  2nd $100,  3rd $60,  4th $40,  and (2) 5th $20 (each team).  That’s twice as many teams getting a “little reward” for their efforts!  Also, all current members get their first beer on us!  So get signed up and join us for a night of darts and FUN!