Our Fall Mid-Season Party was another great success!  All attending SCDA members enjoyed a FREE drink on the “SCDAs’ tab”, as well as our semi-annual, FREE, double-elimination, parity draw-doubles dart tournament.

            The evening began with the traditional, distribution of the Spring and Summer Awards, going to the top 3 teams in each division.  A lot of smiling faces lit up the dart room at MacLeod Ale Brewing Co., as the trophies were handed to their proud owners.  A big CONGRATULATIONS!!! and a hearty “WELL DONE” to all who received these coveted awards.

            And thanks to a couple of anonymous contributions to our tournament prize pool,  we were able to DOUBLE! the tournament prize money (from three) to the top SIX teams!  What a GREAT deal:  No entry fee, a free drink, and you get handed money just for having fun playing darts and shooting well!  No wonder everyone had smiles on their faces, particularly the following 12 players who made it to the Top 6:

            5th Place was shared by two teams, Jake Carlisi/Will Brunson, and Dimple Ranches/Tom Clark, each receiving $10 for their efforts.

            4th Place and $20 each, went to Chris Holman and Tom Foligno.

            3rd Place and $30 each, went to Justin Herman and Alejandro Gonzales.

            2nd Place and $50 each, went to Anthony Garcia and Andre Ottradovetz.

            And the 1st Place honors ($80 ea.) went to Matt Smooke and Ron Tuttle.

            The biggest “THANK YOUS” go out to MacLeod Ale Brewing Co., owners and staff, for setting up and providing a gracious venue with 14 boards for matches and practice play.  And it all went off “without a hitch”, thanks to Tom Clark for organization and player rankings, and Chris Irons and Robert Anstess for setting up and running the tournament.  Thanks also go to Matt Smooke and yours truly, for trophy production, and miscellaneous organization.

            Last, but not least, THANK YOU! to all of you who attended this event!  Your presence is what makes these parties soooo GREAT! (think “Tony the Tiger”).  The camaraderie and mutual passion for the sport of darts, combined with a group of really great people, is what keeps me coming back.  I hope all of you feel the same way, ‘cause we’re planning on doing it again in the Spring!  Until then, shoot well and have fun!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA