Hello SCDA Captains

            Tonight is our Fall season Captains’ Meeting, 7:30 pm, at MacLeod.  As always, YOU or a team representative, MUST be present at the meeting.  PLEASE BRING YOUR DART BOARD FOR ROTATION.  Give your boards to either Ron Tuttle or Ken Garito as you arrive.  For those Teams who store your boards at MacLeod, please retrieve them from the locker and hand them over as well.  We will hand out replacement boards following the meeting.

            Our Fall Season begins next Monday, and will be the usual 10 week season with 2 weeks of playoffs.  Good News… We are back to our usual 4 divisions this season.  And since we have the same number of teams as last season, B, C & D divisions each have 4 teams so, CONGRATULATIONS!  All teams in those divisions will be in the playoffs!

            Schedules will be posted later this week, and as always, score sheets can be found on the website for printing.  Here are the Teams, by Division:

A Division:  Shanghai Knights,Robins’ Archers,Steel Tipsy,Basura Boys,MacKrakens, Sun Was In Our Eyes

B Division:  Bulls on Parade, Garage Peeps, The Romeros, Calamitous Intent

C Division:  Them Stooges Be Trippin’, Dirty Third, Money Shot, Little Johns

D Division:  Get F#cked, The Tossers, Weasels, Consistently Inconsistent

            The 4-team divisions will be playing each other 3 times, plus one “wild-card” 10th week of play, where you will be playing one of the teams a 4th time.  This should spice up the “jockeying” for positioning in the Playoffs.  The multiple repeat matches give each team the opportunity for “a little pay-back” for previous losses, should you be so competitively inclined.

            I hope all of you enjoyed your 3-day Labor Day weekend last week, I know I did!  Perhaps a little too much, as I find myself running behind on reporting the Final Results and Highlights for the end of last season.  They too, will be posted later this week.  Once again, sorry for the delay.

            This seasons’ Team match-ups look like the kind of “fireworks” producing matches of last season, so I’m really looking forward to reporting some spectacular highlights, so get your teammates riled up for some great darts this season.  And, as always, SHOOT WELL AND HAVE FUN!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA