Summer Playoffs and Fall Sign-up


            That gives all Captains 2 weeks to register your team, speak to your Sponsor to get the $25 Sponsor fee, and get it and your players $25 dues paid before the deadline.  PLEASE ACT NOW!  8-31-19 falls on Labor Day weekend.

            If your Sponsor needs a receipt for their payment, as does mine, you can walk them through the SCDA payment portal, as you do for your own dues.  The only difference is that they need to select Team Payment and pay $25 for each team they are sponsoring.  They will be given the option to print a receipt at the end.

            CAPTAINS:  Rule Change beginning Fall 2019 Season;  All “C” AND “D” division teams MUST have three full-time players on your team.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

            PLAYOFF HOME-TEAM CAPTAINS:  It is mandatory that you use the “Final Scoresheet” for your SECOND playoff match.  It can be found on the “SCDALEAGUE” website.  Be sure to complete the ENTIRE form, including the information on players wanting awards.  The teams finishing 1st through 3rd are entitled to awards.

            Please be certain of name spelling throughout the Final Scoresheet.  These forms are used to generate the Leagues’ trophy order.  So PLEASE double check them and have  the opposing Captain double check their information as well, before sending them in.  NOTE: Captains who’s team is NOT in 1st through 3rd after Playoff 2, do NOT need to fill out the awards section of the scoresheet.  Hopefully that was obvious.

            Reminder:  Each division group will be capped at 6.  This allows for the 10-week regular season, plus 2-weeks of playoffs, our mid-season party, holiday(s) and the completion of our Fall Season before the Christmas holiday season begins.  Divisions will be formed based on Dart Connect stats and first come, first served.  So PLEASE get your team registration in ASAP!

            Reminder:  Matches CANNOT be postponed.  If you know in advance that you will be short players on an upcoming Monday, contact the opposing Captain to try to schedule your match on the weekend before or any earlier date.

            CORRECTION to last weeks’ announcement regarding a FORFEIT match report:  You DO NOT need to report the match on Dart Connect.  The NON-FORFEITING Captain, ONLY needs to complete, sign and send in a written scoresheet as usual.

            ALL PLAYERS, PAST AND PRESENT:  We are aware that some of you either have awards with mis-spelled names or other typos, or you did NOT receive an earned award at all.  We will be placing an order for awards, shortly after the start of the Fall season.  We would like to include corrections as well.  Please inform us of those corrections, at the upcoming Captains meeting on Monday, September 9th.  PLEASE BRING YOUR ERRONEOUS PLAQUES! Or give them to an attending player.

            PLAYOFF SCHEDULE      (Playoff #1 is this Monday, Aug. 19th.)

Remember that the HOME TEAMs are the 1st and 2nd place teams in each division.

            A DIVISION

Shanghai Knights host Smooke and Mirrors, at MacLeod.

MacKrakens host Robins’ Archers, at MacLeod.

            B DIVISION

Calamitous Intent host Dart Junkies, at MacLeod.

Valley Boyz host Garage Peeps, at 8one8 Brewing.

            C DIVISION

Get F#cked host Weasels, at Residuals Tavern.

The Drippin’ 20s host Them Stooges Be Trippin’, at 8one8 Brewing (on new board).

            Congratulations to all 12 teams who have made it to the Playoffs!

            Apologies to those of you (hopefully the entire League), who enjoy reading the Weekly Highlight and Honorable Mentions report.  There were sooooo many business announcements this week that the Highlights had to take a TEMPORARY “back seat”.  They will be posted ASAP, and I hope you will find them worth the wait.  There was so much excitement generated in the Final week of the regular season, that I felt they really deserved their own, focused Announcement anyway.

            As for the remaining 6 teams who came up just short of qualifying for the Post-season matches, I would like to invite you to go out on Monday night and cheer on the Playoff teams.  Or, at least, use your off time to get some extra practice in.  The Little Johns gather at Robin Hood on Wednesday nights to practice.  And I hope all of you enjoy your time off.  No matter what, if it involves playing darts… Shoot well and have fun!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA