Week 10 Announcements

Hello Dart Players,

With just one more regular season match to play, many teams have locked up a spot in the playoffs. However, there are still a few teams who can squeeze their way in with a win this Monday. But before I get to that, there is a little business to take care of.

Captains, please ask your teammates to pay their dues now, for next season, to ensure their eligibility to play Week 1. Also see that your Sponsor fees are paid as well, and your team is registered on the SCDA site. As most of you already know, we do enforce our no pay, no play policy. And that includes your Sponsors’ fees. So PLEASE complete your teams’ registration as soon as possible.

The next order of business has to do with the reporting of a forfeit. Regardless of which team is scheduled as “home”, the NON-FORFEITING Captain is to take responsibility for reporting the forfeit. A forfeit must be entered into your Dart Connect match on your tablet, in much the same manner as if you had actually played. The one key difference is that after you select the two teams who are supposed to play, and you’ve entered your 2 players that were to play in the first match, you then tap the red forfeit button for the opposing, forfeiting team.

You will have to go through and do this for each of the nine/seven matches, two legs each, so that your players, who were available to play, get credit for attendance, and the match is reported to DC for stat purposes. We have a link on the website which explains the procedure. And be sure to complete your teams’ portion of the SCDA scoresheet, just as you would have if the match had been played. Write “FORFEIT” in large letters across your opponents side, sign it, and send in a picture of it as usual.

And for those of you who do NOT visit the SCDA website, or otherwise review the “important upcoming dates” section, the Captains’ meeting for next season will be on Monday, 9/9/19, and the Fall season, Week 1 is on 9/16/19. Please note those dates on your calendar. Also keep in mind that the weekend before the Captains’ meeting is Labor Day weekend, and a lot of us head out for vacations. So NOW is the time to register your team. You don’t want to have to disrupt your vacation to do it, do you?

Now, let’s get back to the Playoff situations. It appears that B and C divisions have their playoff spots locked up (which teams finished where, will be announced following the completion of “regular season” play). However, in A division, there is still a bit of a battle to be settled this final week. Positions 3, 4 and 5 are still uncertain since Smooke and Mirrors beat Robins’ Archers, resulting in a match-win tie for 3rd place between those two teams. And A.S.S. is only one match win “behind” (no pun intended) them! The final playoff placements lie in their own hands. Now is the time to throw your best darts!

As for the Highlights thrown in Week 9, wellllll….. that list keeps getting shorter. Only one true highlight was thrown this week. Can any of you guess who threw it? Mr. “Highlight Score” himself, Matt Smooke. He added another 9-mark to his sack full of highlight scores. And in the same “breath”, I would like to add the first of the Honorable Mentions, only because it was THE high score thrown (there were no 180’s) this week. Anthony Garcia has struck again, hitting the high score for the week with yet another 160. I’ve lost track of how many have been thrown by our players this season. I once stated that 160’s are rarely thrown, but you people seem to be hell-bent on proving me wrong. You’re averaging nearly one each week!

The other Honorable Mentions only made this list because they raised the brows on my weary stat-reviewing eyes. They were only noteable due to the circumstances in which they occurred. The first happened in the aforementioned A division “battle for 3rd place between Robins’ Archers and Smooke and Mirrors. Mark Adams (of S & M) was the first to double-in during our 301 tie-breaker, with an impressive 120 on. Not one to let the opposition get too big a lead, Milan Sabata answered right back with a 116 on! These were the two high-ons’ for the night, and possibly for the season! Good shooting!

To round out the Honorable Mentions for the week, Matt Smooke and Don Boone put on one of their many opening dart displays in their first cricket leg of the night. Their first four turns were a “message sending” 6-mark, 5-mark, 7-mark and 5-mark. It’s tough to overcome repetitive scores like those. Good shooting guys!

I hope there’s more of this “fun stuff” thrown this week. For some of you, it will be your last chance of the season to do so. For others, you will likely need to throw some highlight scores to help your team secure a playoff spot. But no matter what, remember to have fun and shoot well!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA