Hello Dart Players,

            Welcome to Week 9.  With only 2 weeks remaining in regular season play, the race to the playoffs is really heating up.  BUT, before I get to that, some reminders:

            If ANY of your players (especially subs or new additions) have NOT already played on 3 different nights, you may want to play them in weeks 9 and 10 so they get their 3 weeks of play in, to qualify them for playoffs!  It would be a shame for their points to be ineligible to help your team to trophy glory!

            AND (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) NOW is the time to start thinking about, and planning for, next season.  Talk to your teammates to see who will be returning or moving on; Contact other players who may have taken the Summer off; Reach out to new players who are looking to join a team; and contact the SCDA if you need help forming a team.  New Players contact the SCDA throughout the year, looking to join a team.  They could be your teams’ next superstar!

            As soon as you have solid commitments for at least a 3-person team, PLEASE submit your team application, have your players send in their dues and signed “Player Agreements”, and collect and pay your Sponsors’ (home venue) fees, to insure your teams’ place in the Fall season.

            DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!  Last teams to register are the FIRST teams considered to be pushed into less desireable divisions.  And by signing up early, you really help make the process of scheduling the new season sooooo much easier.  Thank you in advance, for helping us out by signing up early.

            Now that we have the business out of the way, there are some, well… actually only two, Highlight scores to mention for Week 8.  Once again, as he also did this in Week 3, Matt “Highlight King” Smooke, threw two 180’s, bringing his count to 6 for the season.  That deserves a “WOW”!  Well done Matt!

            While the rest of the League did not quite squeak out a Highlight score, there were a number of high scores, 7-Marks, and 9-Marks counting for only 8, which were good enough to make the Honorable Mention list.  Starting with a “Mystery Shooter” in MacKrackens team game, who hit an 8-Mark (T,T,Dbl.).  Taking it up a notch, Mike Roshetski also threw an 8-Mark, but did it by hitting 3 triples.  Arnold Soliven had back to back cricket legs (one including a 7M, 6M & 5M) averaging 3.0 and 3.4.  And to round out the HM’s… wait for it… the newly popular, 160, shot by Mike Reyes.  That is the 4th 160 shot this season.  That has to be some kind of record.

            So as we get ready to play Week 9, there are two or three teams in each of our three divisions who will really have to battle for one of the coveted playoff spots.  Starting with C division, “Get F’d”, “Drippin’ 20’s” and “Weasels” are all looking pretty good for securing a playoff spot.  But “Them Stooges…” and “Starving Dartists” can’t be counted out.  Both are right on the heels of the other three teams and still have a good shot at securing a top-4 spot.

            In B division, “Valley Boyz”, “Calamitous Intent” and “Garage Peeps” look like they will make the cut-off.  The “Dart Junkies” may be the fourth, that is if the “Little Johns” don’t jump out and grab the 4th spot.

            And in A division, “Shanghai Knights” and “MacKrackens” have locked up playoff spots.  It’s the three following teams, “Robins’ Archers”, “A.S.S.” and “Smooke and Mirrors”, that are jockeying for a spot in the top-4.  Only 3 points separate them and it will come down to who does what, and how bad, to who, that will determine which two of these teams will move up into a post-season spot.  My only advice to all three divisions is:  Have fun and shoot well!!!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA