Hello Members,

            Week 7 of our 10 week season is now in the record books.  This post was intended to be sent out last Monday, but your administration is still going through some growing pains.

            TO ALL CAPTAINS:  Just a reminder, Teams CANNOT add a new player after the 8th week of play.  So if there is a potential to need a sub that has not already registered AND PAID their League dues, Monday will be your last chance to play them and to get them paid up so that they will be eligible to play during those final weeks.

            You may also want to start thinking about next season NOW!  I know it seems a long way off, but it will be here before you know it.  Talk to your teammates and or others you would like to add to your team.  Find out who will be continuing in the Fall season.  Get approval from your Sponsor venue.  If you are moving your team to another venue, you will need to confirm payment of Sponsor Fees for your team.  And send in your team application as soon as you’re ready… DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY!  Your Board members have a lot to do in preparation for the coming season, and the sooner we receive Team Applications, the sooner we can get an idea of who will be where.  Please help us help you have fun playing darts.  After all, that IS what we’re all about!

            And now for the fun stuff!  There have been a lot of really good darts thrown already this season.  Here are the highlights through Week 6:

            WEEK 1:  We had already announced that Dann Gillen (A) threw a 174 and Don Boon (A) threw his first 180 of the season, but we neglected to mention that Don had also thrown three triples in another turn which, while great darts, only counted for an 8-Mark.  And another honorable mention in the first week goes to Nectali Rivera (B) for throwing not one but three consecutive turns, taking out 339 points in 9 darts, for a 113 average, including a finish! with 100, 140, and a 99 Out to end the leg.  Watch out for him!

            WEEK 2:  Jake Carlisi (A), Arnold Soliven (A) and Anthony Garcia (B) each threw a 9-Mark.  Justin Scovel also threw 3 triples in one turn, but unfortunately they only counted as an 8-Mark.

            WEEK 3:  While there were a lot of 5 and 7 Mark scores, and a handful of 140’s and low tons, the only true “highlights” for the week came from just one person, Matt Smooke (A) who added, not one, but two 180’s to his lengthy resume’ of great darts.

            WEEK 4:  So, up to now, all of the highlight scores mentioned so far, have come out of the A and B divisions.  Well this week, ALL 3 divisions made our highlight report!  Matt Smooke (A) hit ANOTHER 180 (#3 so far this season) and Nectali Rivera (B) (Remember him from WEEK 1?) threw a rare 160.  And to cap off the highlights for this week, one of the members of “Them Stooges Be Trippin’ “ (C) threw a 174.  Unfortunately, this occurred in their Team Game and the Dart Connect report did not show the name of the individual who threw it.

            WEEK 5:  To wrap up the first half of the season, something rather unusual occurred… None of the A players threw a highlight round.  And, once again, a player in C division made our highlights!  Dylan Moon (B) threw a 180, and TJ Jones (B) threw, what I once called a “rare” 160, but that makes two of them so far this season.  Clearly their popularity is growing.  And last but certainly not least, Tom Foligno (C) shot a coveted 9-Mark!  Well done!  But watch out… darts like that will get you kicked up into a higher division, again!

            And finally, to get caught up with the weekly highlight reporting, a VERY impressive WEEK 6:  Apparently many of you are hitting your mid-season stride, as shown by this weeks’ unusually long list of highlights and honorable mentions.  To start with, both Justin Herman (A) and Bill Lynch (A) both succumbed to the dreaded “Curse of the 180”.  This fabled “curse” suggests that those who throw the coveted “Maximum” are doomed to lose that leg.  Of course this is not always the case, but unfortunately it rang true for these two opponents who were the only ones to hit a 180 this week.  On a less ominous note, the rest of this weeks highlight scores came during cricket matches.  There were 5, yes five, 9-Marks thrown this week, one each by Tim Bright (B), Telo Romero (B), Arnold Soliven (A), and Matt Smooke (A) decided one was not enough, so he threw 2 of them.  Show-off…(JK).  Hats off to you all.  Great darts guys!

            And now for the no-less-impressive “Honorable Mentions” for this week.  While MOST of these are just shy of qualifying for the title of “Highlight”, they are quite impressive examples of just how well ALL of you are throwing this season.  Let’s begin with Mike Reyes (A) who threw a lot of great darts this week, but most notably a consecutive 9-dart series of 96,100,98.  Keep doing that and you won’t be allowed to return to B.

            Mark Adams (A) threw an impressive 8-Mark (Trip, Trip, DB).  David Luther (A) threw a 3.2 average in a cricket leg, which included two 5-Marks and two 6-Marks in his effort to overcome Matt Smooke in a leg of Cricket.  It would have worked except, like many of us, Matt doesn’t like to lose, so he responded with a 3.2 ave. as well, including a 5M, back-to-back 7M & 6M, shortly followed by 3 CONSECUTIVE turns of SB, DB.      Arnold Soliven, with a David Luther 5M, threw a 5M, 6M, & 7M in their effort to best Matt S. and Don Boon.  However, Matt led off that leg with one of his two 9M’s (T20,T20,T19), later following with a 7M, and 2 turns later with back to back 5M’s.  And if you’re thinking, “awe, that’s just lucky darts”, Matt and Don set the pace of the night in their opening 501 leg,with a blistering 14-dart game, averaging 107, including the out!  WOOOOOW!  What a night!  Great shooting, all of you.  I can’t wait to see next weeks’ highlights!.  So until then, you know what to do… Shoot well and have fun!

Curtis Pierpont
President, SCDA