Hello Dart Players,

           Sadly, the first of this weeks’ announcements is one which is unfortunately a part of life.  One of the SCDA’s long time members and Captains, Harvey Fischer, recently passed.  Most of you are of the newer generation to this League, and so you would not know who he was.  He was the Captain of the “Condors”, the longest, consecutive-season team in the League until he retired from the SCDA, as President, in 2010.

           A few years back, some of you will remember when Harvey attended our Captain’s meeting at MacLeods.  We honored his long-time commitment to our beloved SCDA, and showed him how the League has prospered (following the 2011 lawsuit) and evolved (with electronic scoring).  Old-timers like him, show just how much a part of our lives darts can become.  R.I.P. my friend.

            It would be nice to follow such a somber announcement with something light-hearted, like some silly cat video, but no such luck.  It was recently reported to our Administrative Board, that one of our League members has a recurring history of “sexual misconduct”.  It seems that since this person has not been arrested for their actions, they feel they can continue to engage in this activity without suffering the appropriate consequences.

            While we can’t name names, the SCDA is currently conducting an investigation into these allegations.  We would like to encourage any of our members to confidentially speak to one of your Board Members (Curtis Pierpont, Nena Anda, Matt Smooke, Mike Reyes, Rachel Schwartz, Ellie Mosser, or Don Boon) if you are either a victim or witness to this, or any, illegal activity.  Illegal misconduct during League events will result in expulsion from the SCDA and reported to the police.  All names of those involved or witnessing such acts will be kept in confidence, only being reported to authorities.

            Most, and usually all, of our members are good, decent people who just want to have fun playing darts.  But occasionally, we get a “bad apple” that needs to be weeded out.  We have done some necessary “weeding” in the past, in an effort to maintain the kind of fun atmosphere we all enjoy and have come to expect.  So please reach out to a Board member if you experience something that deserves our attention.  We are here to see that this League is maintained in a manner that can be enjoyed by all.

            Second reminder to all Team Captains:  No new players can be added after Week 8.  So it’s a good idea to get your subs signed up and paid up no later than Monday, 7/29.  Remember, there are no longer sub fees.  All players must have already paid $25 to be eligible to play in the final weeks of the regular season and post-season.  They also need to have completed and signed a “Player Agreement” form (which can be found on the SCDA League website), and that form needs to be submitted to the League (at “SCDADOCS@GMAIL.COM) upon completion.

            Now, on to the “fun stuff”.  As you may remember, Week 6 was full of all kinds of Highlights and Honorable Mentions, and I would have been surprised if all of you put together such a notable bunch of scoring.  So, as expected, Week 7 was a little more “normal”.  Yet there was one unusual occurrence of note:  In B division, if your name didn’t begin with Anthony, you didn’t throw a highlight.  Anthony Garcia threw the 3rd 160 of the season, and Anthony Romero shot a 9 mark.  Good shooting guys!

            And in A division, Justin Scovel tossed a 9 mark.  Meanwhile, Matt Smooke logged his 4th 180 for the season.  Matt also threw some Honorable Mention darts that were quite spectacular:  In his 501 singles, he had a tough to beat 15-dart leg that consisted of 140, 85, 140, 96, and 40 out, with a 100.2 average.  Not just a 501 specialist, Matt showed he can apply his triple targeting skills in Cricket as well, with amazing 4.1 and 4.2 averages in the singles.  So guess who I get to shoot against on Monday, Week 8?  Wish me luck… Against darts like these, I’m going to need it!  Great shooting!

            So we are now down to the last 3 weeks of regular season play.  Hopefully, those of you who desire to make the playoffs, have been following your division standings and now you know what your team needs to do to secure a spot in the top 4.  With 3 opportunities left, I wish you all good luck.  And as always, shoot well and have fun!

Curtis Pierpont

President, SCDA