Summer 2019 Schedules have been posted

Welcome new and returning members, to the 2019 Summer Season. Many of our
regular players have decided to take a Summer break from darts, and we didn’t have as
many new players joining as we have had in the past, so this season we will only have 3
divisions of 6 teams, instead of the typical 4 divisions. As all of you returning players
know, that means that we will have 10 weeks of regular season play, with the top 4 teams
in each division earning a spot in the 2 weeks of playoffs, immediately following the
regular season schedule.

Those of you who attended our General Meeting on 5/20, may have noticed that
we have 18 teams instead of the 16 we announced at the meeting. In the haste of trying
to get organized for that meeting, without key, former Board Members participating in
the preparations, one of the teams that had signed up, was inadvertently left off the list of
teams. So in reality, we actually had 17 teams signed up. And it is known, from past
scheduling experience, that it is VERY difficult to create a conflict-free schedule, with an
odd number of teams, due to the various requirements of meeting Home and Away
parameters, sponsor dart boards available, etc. Simply put, our fledgling League
Administration does not have the experience to overcome this obstacle in the limited time
we had to prepare for this season. There were a number of other factors that were taken
into consideration as well, but in the end, we had to take the easier road out of this
dilemma. And that was to allow the one team who missed the deadline by a matter of
hours, due to a last minute, unforeseen change in team leadership, the opportunity to play.

My limited abilities with words cannot convey how much anguish this decision
has caused me, in light of our vote NOT to allow late applicant teams to be included.
And yet, immediately on the heels of said vote, I find myself begging those of you who,
like me, voted “NO!”, to PLEASE forgive me for having done this. I take my
responsibility as your Administrative President, VERY SERIOUSLY. And I truly,
deeply respect and encourage your voices in the decision making for this League. The
unusual current limitations of this Board will soon be remedied. As we learn and grow as
a team, we will become better at the various duties involved in the operations of the
League. Please be understanding of what we are going through to keep this League
functioning for all of us to continue to enjoy.

You can find this seasons schedules HERE.Some
of you will be surprised to find your team in a higher division than expected. This is due
to the aforementioned compression of the League. We expect to be able to go back to 4
divisions next season with the return of vacationing players. In the meantime, I hope that
you embrace the opportunity to raise your game to a new level.

Some final reminders: Those of you who have new players on your team who
have never filed a signed “Code of Conduct Agreement”, please have your player(s) do
so right away. You can find the form on the website. And as you add players to your
team during the season, be sure they register and pay their dues online. We need that
information to add their name to Dart Connect so your team can benefit from the points
they earn during play.

Have a great season everyone, “Shoot well and have fun!”

Curtis Pierpont
President, SCDA