Final call for Board Members and Team Registration!

To all SCDA members,

   Many of you are aware of the recent resignation announcement by our former President, Eddie O’Flaherty.  But what most of you are not aware of is that 4 of the other 6 Board members are, or already have, resigned as well for various reasons of their own.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do the math on this… that only leaves 2 out of the 7 Board members needed to run our beloved dart league.  Obviously, that won’t work any better than throwing a rock in the air and hoping it will land on the moon.
   So here’s the deal:  If you want to play team darts in this upcoming Summer season, 5 of you will need to join the Board.  If not, then we will need to postpone league darts until we can reorganize the League in a way that can be operated by less people.  There are many tasks (stats, web master, trophies, dart board distribution, to name a few) that go into providing the kind of league that we all have been enjoying up to now.  And quite frankly, most of you have been taking this Leagues’ administration for granted.  The Board is made up of regular members like you, who have lives, families, jobs, etc., who have taken time out of their busy lives to help run this League so that we can all enjoy organized dart matches with other players of similar skill.  That’s what makes darts so much fun!  But Nena Anda (League Secretary) and Curtis Pierpont (VP) are the only members who have signed up for Board positions and so now it’s up to YOU to fill the other 5 seats.  PLEASE go onto the SCDA website THIS WEEK and enter your name in the call for candidates.  Your responses will decide the future of this League! 

Any Member wishing to run for a Board position must state their intention to do so through the Contact SCDA form (
Please do this by Sunday May 19!

ALL CAPTAINS, please go to the website and enter your teams for the Summer season, THIS WEEK!  AND, you will need to collect and pay your players dues and sponsor fee (all are $25 each) for your team to be eligible for scheduling.  The deadline to get this done is this Sunday, 5/19.  So please contact your venue manager and players this week.  If your venue requires an invoice for their fee payment, they can pay their fee on the website and print out a payment receipt.

   A final reminder; Monday, 5/20, is our General/Election/Captains meeting at MacLeod’s, 7:30 pm.

  ALL CAPTAINS MUST BE PRESENT, or have a team member represent you.


  ALL of the boards need to be rotated this season.  A portion of your dues goes towards supplying boards for League play, so take advantage of the board upgrade that you and your teammates are entitled to.
   Please allow for this meeting to keep you as late as 10pm.  The board rotation process takes some time, and for obvious reasons, we must begin with “A” division and end with “D”, so please be patient and remain in the meeting room until you’ve completed your board swap.
   Thank you all for being a part of this League, and for supporting team darts.  It’s just not as much fun without you!

Curtis Pierpont
Vice-President, SCDA