Finals Tonight!

Congratulations to last week’s Semifinals winners! Half the matches were won by the underdog, so, top seeds… don’t make the mistake of feeling over-confident tonight. After all, it’s the Finals… and anyone can win in the Finals! Here are last week’s results:

A Div

(4) Just the Tip  5-2  (1) Angel City Darts

(2) Shoot to Thrill  5-0  (3) Robin’s Archers

B Div

(2) MacKrakens  5-3  (3) SuperBad

(4) We Tip Well  5-1  (1) Phenomenauts

C Div

(3) Calamitous Intent  4-2  (2) Barely Decent

(1) Las Banderas  4-1  (4) I Dunno

D Div

(3) Them Stooges Be Trippin’  4-1  (2) Weasels

(1) Dartaholics  4-2  (4) Heat


And here are tonight’s Finals matches:

A Div

(4) Just the Tip  @  (2) Shoot to Thrill (Fox & Hounds)

(3) Robin’s Archers  @  (1) Angel City Darts (MacLeod’s)

B Div

(4) We Tip Well  @  (2) MacKrakens (MacLeod’s)

(3) SuperBad  @  (1) Phenomenauts (MacLeod’s)

C Div

(3) Calamitous Intent  @  (1) Las Banderas (Mr. Furley’s)

(4) I Dunno  @  (2) Barely Decent (MacLeod’s)

D Div

(3) Them Stooges Be Trippin’  @  (1) Dartaholics (MacLeod’s)

(4) Heat  @  (2) Weasels (Brendan’s Agoura)

The top seed is the Home team throughout the playoffs and matches will be played at their venue (standard tie-breaker rules prevail if necessary). All matches will play the same format those teams played in their division for the regular season, however, the match ends as soon as one team has won a majority of sets (5 in A&B; 4 in C&D).

The Away team will fill out their lineup first (set-by-set), and the Home team is given the opportunity to match up against the Away team.

Match start time is 7:30PM and matches must start no later than 7:45PM. Matches may start earlier as long as both captains mutually agree.

For D Division: All D Div teams were required to carry at least 3 full-time players during the regular season. However, THROUGHOUT THE PLAYOFFS, ALL TEAMS are allowed to use as many playoff eligible players as they desire, but they MAY PLAY ONLY 2 PLAYERS THROUGHOUT A MATCH IF THEY CHOOSE. 

And a big congratulations to David Irete and all the players at this weekend’s DPLA 2018 Grand Finals! Chris Lim won in spectacular fashion with a 10-0 finals victory over Rob Dixon. Several SCDA players participated, with Matt Smooke making it all the way to the Semifinals! Well done, everyone!

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!