Week 10 Darts Tonight!

It’s the last week of the regular season, and while some teams have their playoff spot locked down, several others have just one last shot tonight to make it in! And for those teams that tonight marks the end of your season, thank you for coming out every Monday night and competing, having fun, and being a part of the SCDA. We truly hope you all return next year for our 2019 Spring Season.

In A Div, the top 3 teams (Angel City, Shoot to Thrill, Robin’s Archers) are locked with seed TBD tonight. Pros & Cons have an outside shot of stealing the 4th seed away from Just the Tip, but they will need a total sweep of Predators tonight, AND have JTT lose in a sweep to yours truly.

In B Div, all 4 playoff spots are set. MacKrakens and Phenomenauts are tied at the top, so 1st and 2nd seed will be decided tonight. Superbad has a lock on 3rd. And We Tip Well will finish up in 4th.

In C Div, the top 3 teams have been decided: Las Banderas, Barely Decent, and Calamitous Intent. LB can lock down 1st seed with a win, but BD can sneak into the top spot with a win and an LB loss. CI has secured the 3rd spot. Little John’s and I Dunno are tied in season and head-to-head record, with LJ’s ahead by 10 legs, so ID really needs a win and an LG’s loss to snag the 4th seed.

In D Div, we have perhaps the tightest playoff race in the League. Heat and Dartaholics are in and sit at the top; both at 6-3 AND tied in head-to-head record. Weasels and Them Stooges Be Trippin’ are next at 5-4, with Get F#cked right behind them at 4-5. GF plays W tonight, so whoever wins is in. TSBT are also in with a win, but if they lose tonight by a greater margin than a W loss, then they could be out. So, the bottom line is: Win and you’re in!

Congratulations to our Week 9 All Stars:

Chris Irons – R9 X2
Don Boon – 180
Dan Guinan – R9
Bill Lynch – R9
Tim Bright – R9


Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!