Week 9 Darts Tonight!

With two weeks of regular season play remaining, 24 out of this season’s 26 teams still have a shot at making the playoffs! However, we’ve also hit the point where no new players may be added to team rosters. And a player must have participated in at least 3 regular season matches to be eligible for playoffs, so be sure to rotate your alternates in… just in case.

If you do make the playoffs, but have teammates who can’t make it to the Semis or Finals, remember there is another option other than forfeiting or trying to play by yourself. Per our Season Info page, teams may: “Draft a playoff-eligible player from their division or lower, whose team did NOT make theplayoffs. However, this process, AND the player chosen, must be approved unanimously by all 3 captains of the 3 other playoff teams in that division.”

Congratulations to following players for hitting High Marks in Week 8:

Justin Scovel – 180
Robert Anstess – R8
Ron Dembowski – 180
Ellie Mosser – 180
Larry Zuckerman – 171


Shoot Well tonight, everyone, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!