Fall Season Starts Tonight!

Welcome back, everyone! We’ve had a lot of changes coming into this season in terms of teams and players and it’s going to be really exciting to see how all plays out. Three out of last season’s four champions either have not returned, or players have moved onto new teams. And with the addition of several new players and teams, and the return of teams who had taken a break, this really is the season where any team can win it all!

Dart Connect rosters have been set up based on the players captains had listed or updated. If teams add players during the season, please be sure to update your team roster via the gray “Manage Team Rosters” button that shows up right in the middle of the screen once you press the green “Select Players” button. If anyone has trouble adding players, please reference the How to Set Up Player Library video via the Dart Connect menu before reaching out to the League.

Captains, please be sure all player dues and team fees have been paid, and please send in signed Player Agreements ASAP if you were asked to do so. Player Agreements only need to be signed ONCE. They are kept on file and they do not need to be signed every season. Once you have signed a Player Agreement, you do not need to sign it again.

All necessary information about League play has been uploaded to this web site, including Schedules, Score Sheets, Season Info, Rosters, etc. Please be sure to always check the SCDA web site first when searching for information.

Also, congratulations to all the SCDA players who competed in this past weekend’s 2 DPLA events. A special congratulations to Matt Smooke who made it to the Semifinals on Saturday and finished 2nd on Sunday. Matt came just leg 1 leg short of winning the Sunday championship with a nail-biting 9-8 finish against 3-time 2018 DPLA Champion, Chuck Puleo. Well done Matt! And congratulations to SCDA President Emeritus, L. David Irete, for pulling together yet another world-class dart tournament!

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!!!