Semifinals Tonight!

Congratulations to everyone who hit All Stars in Week 10! A special congratulations to Anthony Romero of Barely Decent in C Div on hitting his very first SCDA Ton80! Welcome to the club, Anthony!

180s – Anthony Romero, Justin Scovel, and Matt Smooke

Honorable mention goes out to Teresa Quan for hitting a 171 and Brian Brake for hitting an R8.

Rosters for the 2018 Fall Season may now be submitted and the deadline to register teams is Monday 9/3. Signing up teams may be done HERE or via the “Enter Your Team” button above. Captains of D Division teams, please remember that you must now carry 3 full-time players. A player must participate in at least 3 regular season matches to be considered a full-time player. Any team failing to qualify 3 full-time players will not be allowed to participate in playoffs.

Here are tonights matches:

A Div

(4) Take Notes @ (1) Shanghai Knights

(3) Robin’s Archers @ (2) Shoot to Thrill

B1 Div

(2) Moneyshot @ (1) MacKrakens

B2 Div

(2) Tungsten Raiders @ (1) Predators

C1 Div

(2) The Ne’er-Do-Wells @ (1) Steel Workers

C2 Div

(2) Calamitous Intent @ (1) Barely Decent

D Div

(4) This Bitch @ (1) Crazy

(3) Weasels @ (2) Them Stooges Be Trippin’

The top seed is the Home team throughout the playoffs and matches will be played at their venue (standard tie-breaker rules prevail if necessary). All matches will play the same format those teams played in their division for the regular season, however, the match ends as soon as one team has won a majority of sets (5 in A&B; 4 in C&D).

The Away team will fill out their lineup first (set-by-set), and the Home team is given the opportunity to match up against the Away team.

Match start time is 7:30PM and matches must start no later than 7:45PM. Matches may start earlier as long as both captains mutually agree.

All teams will play in the Finals on Monday, 8/27, with the winners of the Semifinals playing for 1st & 2nd, and the losers playing for 3rd.

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!!!