Summer 2018 Finals

Congratulations to Bill Lynch of Robin’s Archers in A Div on hitting a Ton80 last week, the only high mark in the Semis! Honorable mention goes to Dan Guinan of Shoot to Thrill, also in A Div, for hitting a whopping 33 Bulls. To put that in perspective, it’s almost double what the average weekly high is in A Div, and 9 more than the regular season high of 24 (also set by Dan). Well done, gentlemen!

Please remember that rosters for the Fall Season are due no later than Sep 3rd. But please don’t wait until the last minute to register your team; sign up as soon as possible, even if you don’t have all your player info yet. In fact, sign-up right now via the Enter Your Team Button above.

Also be sure to get permission from your owner/mgr before listing your home venue during submission. ESPECIALLY AT MACLEOD’S! We were maxed-out this past season with 12 teams playing out of MacLeod’s, and we have no indication of any of those teams not returning. And I do believe it’s first come, first served. So, please reach out to Alastair for permission to play at Macs before stating that’s your home venue.

Here are the matches for Finals:

A Div

(2) Shoot to Thrill @ (1) Shanghai Knights (MacLeod’s)

(4) Take Notes has won 3rd Place due to forfeit by (3) Robin’s Archers

B Div

(2) Moneyshot @ (2) Tungsten Raiders (Jalapeno Pete’s)

(1) MacKrakens @ (1) Predators (Pickwick’s)

C Div

(2) Calamitous Intent @ (1) Steel Workers (to be played at MacLeod’s due to Home venue conflict at Jalapeño Petes)

(2) Ne’er-Do-Wells @ (1) Barely Decent (MacLeod’s)

D Div

(2) Them Stooges Be Trippin’ @ (1) Crazy (Crazy Harry’s)

(4) This Bitch @ (3) Weasels (Brendan’s Irish Pub – Agoura)

Have fun, everyone, and Shoot Well!