Week 6 Results

The SCDA is proud and honored to announce the 18 players who have made our two 2018 CA State All Star Teams!

Angie Rourke, Teresa Quan, Ellie Mosser, Nena Anda, Rachel Schwartz, Jessica Guzman, Matt Smooke, Ryan Turner, Don Boon, Daniel Guinan, Chris Irons, Chris Holman, Curtis Pierpont, Milan Sabata, Bill Lynch, Josh Hurtado, Todd Combs, and Erin Harms!!!

Each team will consist of 6 men and 3 women and will play a Round Robin against nearly a dozen of the best dart leagues in the state. We have not yet determined which players will be on which team (SCDA Black and SCDA Red), but this group truly represents the very best of our League. We are thrilled and honored to have you all represent the SCDA and we can’t wait to cheer you on at the 2018 CA State Championship on April 22nd & 23rd in Ventura!

We are officially onto the 2nd half of the season and Week 6 Results and Standings have been posted. Now that teams are starting to play each other for the 2nd or 3rd time, we will be using the first tie-breaker (head-to-head) in Standings. Leg Differential is the second tie-breaker, so there may be some instances where a team with less Leg wins is ahead of another team with which it is tied due to the head-to-head record prevailing.

Congratulations to Nick Turpin of Little John’s in A Div on hitting his first Ton80 since returning to the SCDA from a six-year hiatus! Your were missed, Nick; glad to see you back to your old form! Also congratulations to Tyler Elliott of Shoot to Thrill and Bill Lynch of Robin’s Archers (both in A Div) for each adding another R9 to their long lists of accomplishment. Great darts, gentlemen! Keep ’em coming!

Please remember to try and keep the pace of matches moving. We’ve had a few matches recently go very long and very late; over 4 hours and well past 11:PM. Matches really should take no longer than 3-3 1/2 hours, and, if started on time at 7:30pm, should end no later than 11:pm. Sometimes we have a bad night and getting those outs takes a bit longer (maybe more practice needed? ;)), but there are often little considerations that can help keep the night going, like having score sheets and functional tablets ready to go BEFORE match start time. And please mind the length and timing of smoke breaks. The League doesn’t want to step in and implement (unnecessary) changes, so please, let’s all do our best to keep matches moving.

Also, as we near the end of the regular season, please remember that no new players may be added in the last two weeks of the regular season, and that a player must have participated in at least 3 regular season matches in order to be eligible for the playoffs. Last week a team had to forfeit due to lack of players, so it’s always a good idea to get an alternate qualified just in case. No one wants to make the playoffs then forfeit due to no-shows.

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!