Week 3 Tonight!

Keep up the great darts, everyone! Congratulations to all of last week’s high-mark hitters: Chris Holman, captain of Takes Notes in A Div, hit a 180, and his teammate, Erin Harms, hit an R9; David Luther of MacKrakens in B Div hit a 180; and sharp-shooter of the week goes to Chris Irons, captain of Angel City Darts in A Div, for hitting both an R9 AND a 180. Also, congrats to JB Braun of Moneyshot in B Div for hitting a rare 8M. Well done everyone!

Reminders have been sent to all captains who still owe team sponsor fees, or who have players who have yet to pay this season’s dues. Please look out for those emails and lets get all fees paid ASAP.

We will be announcing the players for our 2018 California State Team(s) in the next few weeks. How one plays and comports themselves during SCDA League play determines who gets invited by The Board to join the team(s). We have enough interest from the men to provide two teams, but it all comes down to recruiting 3 women for the 2nd team. We are trying very hard to make this happen. So, if you want to ensure a 2nd team, get out there and recruit women to play on your team and in our League! The CA State Team Championship tournament will be held on Sat & Sun, April 21st & 22nd at the Moose Lodge in Ventura, CA: https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaTeamChampionships/

Have a great week, everyone, and Shoot Well!