2018 Spring Season Starts Tonight!!!

Welcome all new and returning players to another amazing season of league darts! 2018 marks the 55th anniversary of the SCDA- wow 55 years- and in the age of instant-gratification and disposable everything, it really is a feather in our cap to have a league that’s been around and running strong for this long. Many people who are no longer with us were responsible for creating our great league and getting us here and we’d like to thank everyone one of them.  There would be no SCDA without you all. Thank You!!!

Everything you need for league play (schedules, score sheets, results, etc) can be found here on the website, so be sure to come often and look around. If anyone ever has any questions or needs anything that can’t be found here, please feel free to reach out to us here.

The SCDA’s mission is to create an open and inclusive environment where everyone can play fun, fair AND competitive darts. We hope you all Shoot Well this season!

Eddie O’Flaherty – President SCDA