Spring Season Signup Deadline Today!

Don’t forget that the deadline to reserve a spot for your team for the Spring season is TODAY, Monday, January 8th. If you plan to have your team continue to play this season, you must let us know TODAY by clicking here.

If you need help with the process please contact the league ASAP. This includes if you need help trying to form or join a team. Captains, please do not wait until the 8th to do this if you know that your team is playing again this season.

New players, the best way for us to help you join a team, or form a team with other players is to complete the process to get a DartConnect Average (DCA.) If you need help with this, don’t have someone to play with or don’t have access to DartConnect, contact us here.

The new player process is described here. You can also establish a DartConnect Average by playing in the MacLeod Ale Tuesday Tournament (every Tuesday at 7:00, see details here.) Representatives from the SCDA will be there to meet new players, if you are interested in joining the league, let the tournament director know at checkin.

The mandatory Captain’s Meeting is 7:30 PM Monday, January 15th at MacLeod Ale Brewing. If the team Captain can’t be present, they must send someone else from the team. Week 1 starts the following Monday, January 22nd. Once the schedule has been created (it will be announced,) you will be able to see it here.

If you are a Captain that is not planning to return this season, please contact us ASAP (and let your teammates know) so that we can start putting the division together. PLEASE RETURN YOUR TEAM BOARD PRIOR TO THE MEETING NEXT MONDAY (or bring it next Monday to the meeting.) If you are a player that no longer has a team, contact us and we will try to arrange placement for you, or help you build your team.

Captains: Please bring your team boards to MacLeod Ale for the Captains Meeting on the 15th. We need to make sure we know what board everyone has and we want to check the overall condition of the boards now that they have been in service for about a year.