End of Season Results – Playoffs Begin!

Congratulations to all our members on another very successful season of SCDA League darts! We had the most active players and highest level of play in many years. Averages and All Stars continue to climb across the League, and thanks to Gregg Tong & David Macher, our good friends at Dart Connect, we have the stats to prove it. We hope everyone returns for our 2018 Spring Season, which starts on Monday, January 22nd. More on that later.

Congratulations to Calamitous Intent for finishing the regular season with the League’s only perfect record of 10-0! Let’s see if they can keep that streak going over the next two weeks and repeat as D Div Champs!

Congratulations also to long-time SCDA member Andrew Morlett of The Replacements in C Div on hitting his very first SCDA 180! Welcome to the Ton80 club, Drew! And congratulations to Don Boon of Shanghai Knights in A Div who added not one, but TWO R9s to his long list of accomplishments this season. And Don hit those two R9s in back-to-back legs; one of which was one of the most impressive legs of Cricket I’ve seen in the SCDA: a 13-darter with a 4.85 MPR! That’s basically throwing an R5 on every turn:

Semi-Finals start tonight at 7:30PM, and Finals will be held next Monday, Dec 11th. All teams that made the playoffs will play both this week AND next week. Tonight’s Semi-Finals matches are as follows:

A Div

(4) Robin’s Archers @ (1) Shanghai Knights

(3) C Squared @ (2) Shoot to Thrill

B Div

(4) W.J. Ankers @ (1) MacKrakens

(3) Clan MacLeod @ (2) Predators

C Div

(2) Los Banderos @ (1) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

(2) Home Sweet Nuthouse @ (1) Off in Church

D Div

(2) The Dartside @ (1) Get F#cked

(2) The Brewery Dartel @ (1) Calamitous Intent

Tonight’s winners will play in next week’s Finals for 1st and 2nd; loser will play for 3rd.

All teams’ position in the final Standings is that team’s seed throughout the playoffs. Top seed is always the HOME team and matches will be played at their Home venue. For C and D Divs, it was easier to keep the seed earned in those teams’ respective sub-divisions. The SCDA’s standard tie-breakers will apply in the Finals if necessary.

Throughout the Playoffs, the format is the same as what that Division played in the regular season, only matches end as soon as one team wins the majority of sets: 5 in A & B; 4 in C & D.

Each player must have participated in at least 3 regular season matches to be eligible for playoffs. If an non-eligible player is found to have been used, all legs using a non-eligible player will be forfeited.

The deadline for 2018 Spring Season Team Rosters is January 8th. Rosters can change after this date, but we need time to build the divisions and make the schedule, so we must have your team’s commitment to play no later than Jan 8th. There a button on the home page at the top of our SCDA website to enter your team. Captains, please don’t wait until the last minute to sign your team up. It is a big help to us if you sign up as soon as possible.

The Captains’ meeting for the 2018 Spring Season will be at 7:30pm on Monday, Jan 15th @ MacLeod’s. We have changes every season and this is a VERY important meeting, therefore, a representative from ALL teams is required to be present. If a captain can’t make it, please send someone in your place.

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!!!