Week 2 – Results & Standings Have Been Posted

Hey All –

What an amazing week of darts. All Star fever was running rampant throughout the League. Geoff Murray of This Motley Crew in C Div hit his very first SCDA Ton80. And Tyler Elliott of Shoot to Thrill in A Div hit his very first SCDA R9. Welcome to the respective clubs, gentlemen. We also had R9s from Don Boon of Shanghai Knights and Chris Irons of C Squared, both in A Div. And another 180 by Dylan Moon of Home Sweet Nut House in C Div. Oliver Freeman, also of This Motley Crew, didn’t quite hit a top mark, but he did hit an R8, which is one of the most rare All Stars, and in my book, a tad harder to hit than an R9. Not to be out done, veteran SCDA member and captain of Robin’s Archers in A Div, Curtis Pierpont, hit both a Ton80 AND an R9! That’s only the 3rd time to be done in the same match in as many years. Well done, everyone, and keep ’em coming!

Although head-to-head record is the first tie-breaker, until each team has played every other team in their division twice, we will order those ties by Leg Differential. There are just too many conflicts this early in the season to use head-to-head. But please worry not, all will be straightened out by the end of the season as always.

Short and sweet this week. Have fun tonight and Shoot Well!