Week 1 – Results & Standings Have Been Posted

Hey All –

We’re off and running with another exciting season in the SCDA! It’s amazing to see so many new faces and the return of many old friends. The SCDA continues to grow stronger and stronger every season and we thank you all for continuing to make our league a premiere destination for both spirited and friendly steel-tip darts.

Thanks to Chris Holman of C Squared in A Div, a 180 has now been scored in the first match in 5 of the last 6 seasons! 3 of which were on a players very first throw! Curtis Pierpont of Robin’s Archers in A Div also added another R9 to his long list of accomplishments. Congratulations, gentlemen. Let’s all keep those top marks coming!

Speaking of All Stars, please remember that we are now only recording top achievements on the score sheet (e.g., 180, R9, 6B, 170 Double-ins & outs, & perfect games.). No more writing down all those R5s and Tons, etc. Dart Connect is keeping track of the rest, so be sure to check out our SCDA Leaderboard for all those other great (and many more) stats. The League is also reinstating the issuing of achievement awards to all players upon the first time they hit one of those top marks, so please be sure to write in a player’s full name the first time they hit a top mark.

Remember, also new for this season: No more Alternate fees the first 2 times an Alternate plays; score sheets now get texted or emailed to SCDASCORES@GMAIL.COM immediately following all matches; and there are new Score Sheets for all divisions. If you have old score sheets, please discard those and print new ones. Not doing so becomes confusing and laborious with data input and slows the process of getting all Results and Standings out.

Lastly: Captains, all dues and team fees should have been payed by now, so please be sure your team is current with those.

Have fun tonight, everyone, and shoot well!