Week 2 Results

Hi All –

The Results, Standings and All-Stars have all been posted for Week 2 of the Summer Season. If you would like to be notified as soon as they have been posted, follow us on Facebook for the earliest notifications.

In each division we have an undefeated team in the top spot: Shoot To Thrill, Clan MacLeod, W.J. Ankers, Dart Vaders and This Bitch.

Congrats to Tyler Elliott of Wicked Dahts, Bill Lynch and  Curtis Pierpont of Robin’s Archers for hitting 180’s and to Armik Davalokhanian of Zero Dart Thirty for hitting an R9!

Right now at the top of the DartConnect Leaderboard we have Tyler Elliott of A Division with an All ’01 DCA of 57.9 and Ron Dembowski of B Division with an All Cricket DCA of 2.53.

Tonight is Week 3 on the Schedule. Captains: Please communicate with the other Team Captains if you are going to be late or need to re-schedule or forfeit. You can find the Team Rosters with contact information here (the password is the same as last season.)

Shoot Well!

UPDATED 6/20/17 – Sorry to omit you in the original post as an undefeated team at the top of your Division, Vaders!