Week 1 Results, Standings, et al…

Hey All –

Well, our 2017 Summer Season is officially under way, and after one week of play, half the League is still undefeated! ;)) Though that will change tonight. Please don’t forget that if anyone finds their team short, you can always find great players to fill in from our Subs & Alternates list found under Team Info.

Congratulations to Joe Quinones of Armed Throbbery in B Div on hitting his very first SCDA 180! Anytime anyone hits their first SCDA 180 or R9, please be sure it is notated on the night’s scoresheet and we’ll give you a shout-out and include you in our perpetual Trophy Room (found under Player Info). Well done, Joe!

Many players have asked how much advantage teams truly have playing at home, so we are now tracking Home and Away wins and losses in Standings. It will be interesting to follow along throughout the season and see how everyone does.

We’d also like to remind everyone that, if you play the Team Game with an uneven number of players, please don’t try to input players’  names. Just hit “Start Game” when Dart Connect asks for names and the game will begin using just the team names. Then please be sure to help out our stats keepers by putting a box around whatever All Stars are hit during the team game.

Also be sure to check out Results, Standings, the Dart Connect Leaderboard, and much more via Important Links.

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!