Summer Season Starts Tonight!!!

Dear SCDA Members,

It’s an exciting time in our League as we have so many new things to look forward to: new season, new teams, new captains, and many new players, which means many new friends. And we also have a newly elected Board of Directors! Congratulations to returning Board Members, Tom Clark, Curtis Pierpont, Doug Babbitt, and Chris Irons. And congratulations to our new Board Members, Ron Dembowski and Eric Allen. It’s our members who make our league, but it is truly the efforts of these few that keep us going and growing. The SCDA is as strong as it’s been in a long time, but we have more to do as we strive to make our league better and better, and I personally couldn’t be more proud of or confident in this group of fine people leading the way. Thank you all!

As most of you know by now, our long-time President, L. David Irete, has decided to step down to focus on other dart ventures, and, in his words, to pass the torch of leadership to the next generation. David has steered and guided the SCDA through some of it’s most treacherous times, and the reason so many of us are prepared to take the wheel is due to David’s tireless efforts in clearing the path ahead. Running a league of this nature is daunting, and exhausting, and often thankless. And for many years, David did so totally by himself. And anyone who knows David, knows he didn’t do any of it for money, or glory, or accolades… he did it all for the love of darts. I doubt anyone could ever love this game of ours more. And though David may be stepping down from the Board, he’s not leaving us. In addition to founding and running the DPLA (Dart Players Los Angeles) and co-founding and co-running the CDC (Championship Dart Circuit), David is still a player and team captain, and he has pledged to continue advising the SCDA in anyway we need. And to make it official, several months back, the SCDA Board of Directors voted unanimously to honor David with the lifelong title of President Emeritus. Because, after all, David will always be a part of the SCDA. And the SCDA will always be a part of David. Thank you, David, for all you have done for the SCDA, and for all you have done for darts!

Here’s to another great season! Shoot Well, everyone!!!

– Eddie O’Flaherty
President – SCDA