SCDA Takes 3rd in CA State League Championship!!!

Congratulations to our SCDA Team on taking 3rd place in the 2017 CA State League Championship! I could not be more proud to have captained such an incredible group of competitors and truly amazing people. Congratulations Curtis Pierpont, Angie Rourke, Rachel Schwartz, Chris Holman, Dom Gahan, Doug Babbitt, Ellie Mosser, Don Boon, Matt Smoke, Dan Guinan, and Teresa Quan!

There was some serious talent at this event, many of the best players in the state, and the fact that, for several of our team, this was their first, or one of their first tournaments, to have performed so well… It speaks volumes to their character, camaraderie, and competitive spirit.

With the exception of a handful of legs, the vast majority of our losses were by just 1 dart! And we were the only team to beat the 1st place winners, coming from behind against them in our final match, our very last game, to take 3rd place by a mere 1 point!

I am especially proud of the support our players gave each other. Anytime someone went to the line to throw, the entire rest of the team was right there behind them, cheering them on, offering words of encouragement, offering advice, or simply giving a smile or hug or pat on the back to let everyone know that we were all in this together. This team represented our league with class, honor, grace, dignity, and true sportsmanship. They represented all that makes the SCDA such a special league. This team truly represented the very best of us.

You may have come in 3rd, but you are all champions to me. Thank you, Team SCDA, and congratulations!!!

– Eddie O’Flahety (Captain – SCDA State Team)