Week 9 Results, Standings, et al

Congratulations to all teams in A & D Division on a great Summer regular season. Since there are only 4 teams in each division, all teams have made the playoffs with the final Standings position being that team’s seed throughout the playoffs. Both A and D Divs  finished with teams tied at the top and those teams’ heads-up record was used to break those ties.

Semis start next week, Monday, Aug 21st for all Divisions, so A & D have this week off as B & C teams finish their last match of the regular season. The top seed is the Home team in all matches throughout the playoffs, so the Semis match-ups for A & D are as follows:

Monday, Aug 21st, 7:30PM

A Div

1. Robin’s Archers vs. 4. Little John’s (@ Robin Hood Pub)

2. Shoot to Thrill vs. Wicked Dahts (@ Fox and Hounds)

D Div

1. Calamitous Intent vs. 4. Magnolia’s Marks (@ MacLeod’s)

2. Them Stooges Be Trippin’ vs. This Bitch (@ Crazy Harry’s)

In B Division, the 4 playoff teams have been set with Zero Dart Thirty locking up the #1 spot, while seeding for Clan MacLeod, MacKrakens, and Armed Throbbery (all tied at 5-4), will be determined by the results of tonight’s final regular season matches.

In C1 Div, Home Sweet Nut House and Armed & Intoxicated will face off in the Semis, but, with both teams currently at 5-4, top seed and Home advantage won’t be decided until they face off against each other in tonight’s final regular season match.

In C2, W.J. Ankers has locked the #1 seed and attempts to complete the League’s only undefeated season. Darty Rotten Scoundrels currently holds the 2nd playoff spot, but Magical Unicorns can steal that away with a big win tonight as the two teams face off to fight for the only remaining playoff spot.

Please be aware that team Rosters for the upcoming Fall Season may now be submitted via the Enter Your Team button above. The deadline for final Rosters isn’t until Sept 4th, but if you know you are going to return next season, please fill in whatever info you already have (which can then be updated later prior to the deadline)  so we can get a head start on setting up the Divisions and starting the Schedule.

Thank you, everyone, and shoot well tonight!