Week 2 Darts Tonight!

Congratulations to all the players who hit high marks last week. Ron Dembowski of Phenomenauts in B Div hit his very first SCDA 180. Welcome to the Ton80 Club, Ron! New member, Anthony Margolis, of Pros and Cons in A Div hit a 171 (T19, T19, T19) on his very first SCDA throw! Don Boon hit a 180 while throwing for Shoot to Thrill in A Div. Chris Irons of Angel City Darts in A Div added another R9 to his long list of accolades. And after a short hiatus away from League play, Matt Herington of SuperBad in B Div hit an R9 AND an R8. Well done everyone!

Have fun tonight, everyone, and Shoot Well!