Week 3 Darts Tonight!

Congratulations to our Week 2 outstanding players! Andy Llanos of The Best in C Div hit his very first SCDA R9! And Bill Lynch of Robin’s Archers, and Don Boon of Shanghai Knights, both in A Div, added another Ton80 to their long lists of achievements. Honorable mention goes to Dan Guinan of Shoot to Thrill in A Div for scoring an R8, though he had hit 3 trips (damn those closed marks!).

Also, a special congratulations to former SCDA Board members Amy Doyle & Peter McCarthy on getting hitched a couple of weeks ago! Many of you know Amy & Peter, but for those who don’t, they were truly instrumental in rebuilding our League just a few short years ago, and since life has taken them to Columbia, MO they have been truly missed. Several of us from the SCDA made it back for one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed (perfectly officiated by longtime Fox & Hounds league-night bartender, Josh Nickelsen!). Congratulations, Amy & Peter! Your SCDA family wishes you a lifetime of happiness!

And please be sure to Save and Exit your match on Dart Connect as soon as it ends, and also immediately send a photo of your score sheet. Several of both were not sent these first two weeks and chasing after them is and unnecessary hassle and makes it impossible to get results and standings out on time.

Thank you, everyone, and Shoot Well tonight!