Week 1 Results!

Hey All!

Congratulations on getting us off to a smooth start to our 2016 SCDA Fall Season! Thank you to (almost) everyone for getting your score sheets in right away. And many thanks to Ken Garito and Eric Allen for again volunteering to take on the thankless job of inputting stats. We could use one more volunteer, so please email Eddie O’ if you are available to help out.

Also, a big, Big thank you to all our League Sponsors. If it wasn’t for you, we’d be playing darts on the streets. And who wants that, really?!

Before we get into Week 1, for those of you who haven’t heard, this weekend, right here in our very own backyard, the 16 best steel tip dart players in all of North America are going to be slugging it out for the Continental Cup in the Championship Darts Circuit’s Championship Finals! This is not to be missed. This is your chance to get up close and personal with the very best dart players this side of the pond. The CDC is the closest thing we have in the USA to professional darts and this weekend’s finals is their World Series, their Stanley Cup… so the competition is likely to be the best you will ever get to see. If you’ve ever watched PDC matches online and wondered what it’s like to be at such an event, this is it! Like I said, it’s not to be missed! The action starts at high Noon on both Saturday and Sunday at The Venue @ The Dirty Bull, 21797 Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills (see attached flyer for more details):



In Week 1, nine of our twelve matches were scored on Dart Connect! Great job everyone. Weekly match reports are typically emailed to participants, but they can also be easily accessed via the icon at the top left of our SCDA web site Home page. To see a treasure trove of stats and details for any match, just click on the line showing that match:


This is the place to not only check out all the details of all SCDA matches scored with Dart Connect, but it also give you access to The Leaderboard (blue highlighted area). By clicking on The Leaderboard, then selecting the various filters and headers, you can explore the many great stats DC keeps, including players’ 3 Dart Average (3DA aka PPL in ’01 and MPR in cricket). The 3DA is the truest measure of how one stacks up against any player from any division:




Congratulations to Matt Smooke on hitting the season’s first R9! Matt has been throwing some amazing darts, and that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. If you look closely at the DC Leaderboard above, one of the stats you will see is that in ’01 games, 40% of the time, Matt is hitting a score of 100 or more! Outstanding darts, Matt.


Here are this week’s results (sets; legs):

Week 1 


Shanghai Knights beat Angel City Darts (8-1; 16-3)

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly beat Los Tres Plomeros (6-3; 13-7)

Take Notes beat Robin’s Archers (6-3; 12-7)


Cobra Kai beat Wicked Dahts (6-3; 13-8)

Little John’s beat Clan MacLeod (6-3; 12-9)

Wyld Stallyns beat MacKrakens (6-3; 13-6)


Weasels beat Squad (4-3; 9-8)

Armed Throbbery beat O’ Happy Daggers (5-2; 10-5)

Zero Dart Thirty beat Armed & Intoxicated (4-3; 9-7)


Get F#cked beat Team Treble (7-0; 13-1)

Dog Pound beat Los Borrachos (6-1; 11-3)

Mixed Nuts beat The Torpedos (4-3; 8-8)

And please be sure to check out Standings, Your League Stats, et al via the tabs above.


Have a great week everyone!